You know you're a nurse in Alaska when...

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    thought this could be a fun topic and people could share their experiences about living and working in AK... for example

    You go from being a new grad to charge nurse in three months.

    Your hospital runs on generator power more often than not.

    The patient you just triaged has a complaint of "fish finger"

    A patient just brought you some smoked salmon.

    The patient explains the reason they are late to their appointment because "well the plane crash landed in a village and we had to wait for another one to arrive".

    Another reason to be late "we stopped to fish along the way"
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    You know you are an Alaskan nurse when you keep a .44 in your nursing bag to protect yourself from the wolves, moose, and bears in your patients yard.

    I just got a brand new shiny Smith and Wesson...should the holster be white or pink?
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    Nice! I kinda like white.
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    You all make me want to go to Alaska!
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    I second PacesFerry. I'm curious to see what's out there.
    What's a "fish finger" anyway? (not the food)
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    Im also curious what fish finger is....

    Im looking at travel nursing, with a strong interest in AK (in Tampa now), Im excited!
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    Funny post - my sister worked in Maine. Had a lot of fish bites and/or fishing hook injuries there. Maybe that's the answer?
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    At first I looked into Alaska as a last resort because the job market sucks where I am-- but this stuff sounds exciting.

    I now find myself dreaming of the rugged Alaskan life (lol I probably sound completely ignorant about Alaska).

    Who knows, I may end up in Alaska and fulfill my fantasy of being a super outdoorsy adventurer who sees cool things at the hospital as a nurse and saves lives.
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    You know you're an Alaskan nurse when the only way to see your patients for a home visit is by ferry or plane.

    Or the trip includes a snow machine or four-wheeler, depending on the season.
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    You know you're in Alaska when you are wearing a North Face jacket, a rabbit fur Mad Bomber hat, and Carhartt cold weather gloves in August.