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  1. PacesFerryBSN

    Is one year of ICU experience enough?

    CCRN goes by hours, not years worked.You may already qualify to take it! :)
  2. PacesFerryBSN

    Leaving a toxic work environment. Help?!

    Hurry up and leave before you r there so long that you have to explain the gap in employment on your résumé. If you haven't been there long, u don't have to mention it.....
  3. PacesFerryBSN

    Weekend Only Shift

    Night shift breaks your body down, and to me, changes your personality. You will feel better with this new job.
  4. PacesFerryBSN

    Weekend Only Shift

    Take it, good for you! Wish I had this opportunity, perfect for kids!
  5. PacesFerryBSN

    Swedish, Englewood CO

    Heard anything about PCU?
  6. PacesFerryBSN

    Swedish, Englewood CO

    I just got called for an interview at Swedish, anyone hear anything about it? They seem to have a big turn over rate....???
  7. PacesFerryBSN

    Fort Defiance, AZ

    Read up on your tx for ETOH abuse, lots on the reservations, that's my experience, sad as it may be.
  8. PacesFerryBSN

    Travel contract

    May I ask what your specialty is?
  9. PacesFerryBSN

    Q shift/ Cascade

    Anyone have experience with this travel company?
  10. PacesFerryBSN

    Cheyenne Regional in WY

    Anyone travel here? What was it like?
  11. PacesFerryBSN

    Moving to Denver in 2014, Needs Help with Hospitals, Pay, Etc

    There sign on bonuses available in Denver if you are an experienced OR nurse, one states on their website 15,000. Wow!
  12. PacesFerryBSN

    nursing in wyoming compared to california...

    Yes and even if you find a place, the landlords are so used to having the upper hand that many are rude... Grrrrrrr!
  13. PacesFerryBSN

    Shift to the left

    Thanks, always wondered that too.
  14. PacesFerryBSN

    Im new, will they be mad if I go full to part time right away?

    Yep, they will probably drop ya :/
  15. PacesFerryBSN

    You know you're a nurse in Alaska when...

    You all make me want to go to Alaska!