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  1. smilealot

    PMHNP, FNP, or Psy D/LPC?

    I really appreciate everyones input. It has given me a lot to think about and a little better grasp of what I think I am trying to pursue. I like the idea of being an FNP because at least where I work now and in rural areas the do a lot more hands on like intubation and central lines. But, what drew me to nursing was wanting to do PMHNP but my concept of it has changed not in a bad way but the services I want to provide has changed. Hahaha Im addicted to school I think. I have three different nursing certifications.... I should probably just focus on one area.
  2. smilealot

    PMHNP, FNP, or Psy D/LPC?

    I guess depending on the setting. I mostly work with FNPs in ER and urgent care settings and they seem to to more procedures in addition to prescribing.
  3. smilealot

    PMHNP, FNP, or Psy D/LPC?

    Thanks! Im not really fond of the the med management side plus I don't really want to run my own practice..... way to much work. I have noticed the same thing with PMHNP is that its mostly med management. I have worked with a few that did intakes for the psych ER but ultimately I think I imagine having my own clients in the future.
  4. smilealot

    PMHNP, FNP, or Psy D/LPC?

    Good point about maintaining the two certifications. I had not thought about that. Im thinking maybe Im going to be in school for awhile (-: I like idea of FNP because I love doing medical mission and I want to still be able to provide that. I know a Psy D who is also a PA. Works as a PA in an ER but also has his own clients. I guess that is where I got the idea from.
  5. smilealot

    TCU CRNA program for January 2017

    Just got my interview notification as well! Really excited especially since I did not think I would get that far. My nursing school GPA was 3.6 graduated ADN and BSN with honors but my GPA from some classes I took at a JR College is like 2.0.... my GRE was pretty shameful too like 280 something. I've been a nurse for 7 years did ER for 5 years, adult ICU 1 years, PACU per diem for 2 years, and was a forensic nurse for 4.5 years on call. Have my CCRN, CEN, and CPEN (I kinda like taking tests). Mostly have only worked in rural undeserved areas. Reading everyone else's experience and grades makes me wish mine looked better. Anyway, does anyone have a clue as to what the interviews are like? I heard that its more about determining if you really understand the amount and time that goes into the program and how prepared you are to complete it. Does anyone know if there are more clinical questions too?
  6. smilealot

    Texas Wesleyan CRNA 2017

    I have applied as well and the last I heard is that the interviews wont be done until fall. At least that was what I was told when I selected the California clinical site was that they don't interview until way later in the year.
  7. smilealot

    PMHNP, FNP, or Psy D/LPC?

    Ok so I'm not really sure which forum to ask this question or how to make it easy to answer but I will try as best as I can. Background is that I have been a nurse for 7 years working mostly ER, psych ER, ICU, and I was a forensic nurse for 4.5 years working with adults and peds for SA, abuse, domestic violence, assault. Any way, I want to pursue an advance practice role and really like the idea of PMHNP because of the psych focus but I also want to be able to practice as a FNP as well. I have found a few programs that are dual PMHNP/FNP but it seems the focus is more on pharmacotherapy management and I would really like to pursue more psychotherapy. I would like to do more work with trauma therapy, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and such. I was considering doing and FNP program and MS LPC but then I would have two distinct practices and I am not sure how practical that would be or if others have done the same. Perhaps I just need to spent more time researching more programs and schools.
  8. smilealot

    Volunteer Nursing Opportunities in Peru ?

    I've been looking into volunteering in Peru after visiting it a few months ago to hike the Inca Trail. I have had a hard time finding medical organizations but have come across this one Medical Volunteer Peru | $119/week| Volunteer Healthcare in Peru -IFRE Volunteers I have exchanged a few emails with them and they seem to have a good organization but I have no knowledge of them other than that.
  9. smilealot

    You know you're a nurse in Alaska when...

    Nice! I kinda like white.
  10. thought this could be a fun topic and people could share their experiences about living and working in AK... for example You go from being a new grad to charge nurse in three months. Your hospital runs on generator power more often than not. The patient you just triaged has a complaint of "fish finger" A patient just brought you some smoked salmon. The patient explains the reason they are late to their appointment because "well the plane crash landed in a village and we had to wait for another one to arrive". Another reason to be late "we stopped to fish along the way"
  11. smilealot

    RT in Alaska hospitals

    Guess it depends where you work. At the hospital I worked at the RTs only really came if you had an intubated pt or one on CPAP otherwise you did all your own nebs
  12. smilealot

    Attn Clinic/Doctors office nurses!

    I use to work as a CNA prior to becoming an RN. It bothers me alot when MA's and CNA's try to use the title nurse for their positions. It misinforms the patients. There is a huge difference between a MA and a RN. Really there is. Its mostly called education but that is just part of it.
  13. smilealot

    SANE nurse

    I have only been working as a SANE for about two years and that is as an on-call position in addition to my full time job. I have enjoyed it and I find the training and education for it very interesting and love learning about it but it can be a difficult job to do if you are not really interested in it especially when working with the patients that come in as sexual assault victims. I feel that in some ways I started out in a similar position as you. I was approached by a couple of other nurse managers in my hospital and asked if I would do it. At the time we only had one other nurse in our hospital fulfilling that position. So I went to the training without knowing if it was what I really wanted to do or not. Ultimately I decided that it was and have continued to work in that role and I for a lack of better words enjoy it.
  14. smilealot

    How soon after graduation would you start your ADN to BSN

    Thats how I ended up in Alaska! However, I don't regret it. I think I have learned more here than I would have back home.
  15. smilealot

    How soon after graduation would you start your ADN to BSN

    With the RN you can find a MSN program even if you dont have a BSN. There are RN-MSN programs and/or you could also get a BS degree in something that interests you.