Am I incompetent?

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    I work for an agency and worked a few times at a certain place. I really liked it there but I found out that they preferred that I not come back. No reason was given. I am very upset and feel totally incompetent.

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    ah, don't feel bad, i'm a new nurse, and on the last day of my orientation to a ltc job i had landed thru an agency i was asked to consider somewhere else, for stupid reasons ofcourse,my preceps said i was doing soooo well, but i guess the assistant don thought otherwise- whatever?:angryfire if it'll make you feel any better read my post don't worry you'll find something- i'm wit ya!!! good luck!
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    Is there any way you can find out through your agency what the reason was?
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    I'd ask for a reason as well.

    It could be, though, that someone there just didn't like you for some reason.
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    I would ask for a reason, but not be surprised if there was a lot of "passing the buck" on this issue. Sometimes, agency nurses go into a place and are so bent on doing a good job, they actually make the regular staff look bad. I wish you luck on your next assignment.
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    I would ask your agency to give you the reason so that you can utilize the constructive criticism if there is any. If you get too many of these Do Not Returns, besides keeping you from working, it will eventually affect your standing with your agency. You don't want anything to affect your reputation without having a chance to fix any shortcomings. And you should always have your side of any story heard out by your employer. If the facility had a silly, or inconsequential reason for not inviting you back you have a right to know that just as much as you have a right to know if they had a good reason. It's your job being criticized, so you have a right to know. BTW, I overheard a client being told off by my agency one time b/c they never accepted anybody that was sent to work for them. The negativity can work both ways when it comes to developing reputations. Good luck next time around.
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    Please, please try not to take it personally and let if affect your attitude and the job you do elsewhere. I know - because this happened to me last summer. I was working agency in a particular hospital - at least 3 12's a week and the hospital would always ask if I could come in for another day - week in and week out - for several months - it was very, very hard work - difficult hospital but I loved the staff and vice versa.....I thought! Suddenly began getting cancelled in the wee hours of the morning, over and over - and finally my agency asked ME...if there was something wrong?? I asked THEM to please tell me what what going on...they called the hospital and was told I was DNR'd - I ask why? They said they didn't know. I said I needed to know - that I had no earthly idea what was wrong - suddenly I felt all my confidence disappear - almost felt paranoid - replayed each and every day I'd worked there and could come up with nothing! My agency never could find out.
    Or wouldn't find out.

    I have since gone with another fine agency - I'm booked repeatedly every where they've sent me - I've been asked numerous times to join the staffs permanently - and most importantly - I've regained my confidence, optimism and feel good going to work. I have also heard from no less that 4 or 5 other agency nurses that they too were DNR'd from this same facility for no given reason.

    Your agency owes you the answer to this question - or you need to find another agency that will act on your behalf.

    You have got to move on. Do not let this experience color your perception of the type of nurse you are and the work you do. If the facility was in as bad a way as to not be adequately staffed with their own nurses - and needed to bring in agency - then there were undercurrents going on you wouldn't have known. Count your blessings you are out of there!

    An agency nurse has to be tough - and to even be one shows you have excellent skills and are a wonderful nurse!
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    I worked for one place through agency that treated some of the agency staff like dirt! I was amazed at how rude and gossipy they were. The staff weren't even subtle about their dislike for some of the agency nurses. I only was their a few days and told the agency that I won't go back there. The facility is known for their rude behavior and cliquishness and I had the feeling that if I stayed there too long they would all start gossiping about me too! Your better off without the facility.
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    well, I need the money due to ...well money problems (not having enough of it)...thats why I was working with agency I ran into many of the problems discussed above and decided that the extra stress wasn't work the extra few bucks (once you take out the extra travel distances, last minute cancelled shifts, wasted time traveling, higher taxes, car repairs etc.) I decided after a few months not to do it. I could tell everyone here a couple of stories!!!
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    That happened to me at a regular job I had. They didn't want me back and I never got a reason. I didn't even do anything wrong there. Thanks for posting not to let it get to you.

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