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I am a scheduling manager for a home health care agency. What are some things that aggravate nurses and what are ways to retain great nurses? I understand nurses move from one agency to another, but what would keep a nurse with... Read More

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    Quote from wearingmanyhats
    I have done agency for 22 yrs, and have worked with a variety of agencies...

    My biggest pet peeve? when "confirmed" doesn't mean confirmed! I get a call, I take a bunch of shifts, I get a call back that they are "confirmed" and then one by one, they get cancelled, sometimes, even as late as the morning of a 3-11. I get that the regular staff has first dibs, but there should be some sort of policy that if I am confirmed, it means I HAVE THE SHIFT!!!

    There was a point in time, where I was turning down other shifts, because I was "confirmed" only to have only a very small portion of the actual shifts stick.

    That is NOT fair, and makes paying bills very difficult. The LTC would not be happy if the morning of, I called and cancelled, so why should it be ok for them to do it?
    My experience with that is, it's not the LTC (or in my case the hospital) that is cancelling you the morning of, it's the agency itself.

    The agency will tell you that you are confirmed so that they will have a body in case the hospital needs someone at the last minute, and if the hospital doesn't need anyone the agency will call and cancel you.

    You are "confirmed" with the agency, not the hospital.

    Just another way the agency is looking out for itself.

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    One of my biggest pet peeves was getting called at like 11am several times a week. That doesnt sound like it should be a problem, except for the fact that I was a night shift nurse, and by that time, I had barely just hit my REM sleep...I asked nicely to remember Im a night nurse and I sleep during the day. Then I told them to leave me alone between 9am and 5pm at least. Then I told them that the next one who called would get a 2am call when *I* was wide awake. That made my point, and it stopped :P
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