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Can anyone tell me when to expect to get EAD once you file AOS. I already have visascreen.... Read More

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    Quote from jonRNMD
    as long as you have your EAD, you can work part-time with another employer provided you work full-time for your sponsoring employer

    hello jonRNMD,
    Thanks for the reply. Can you give a link to the USCIS website or any other where I can get this Infoormation?
    And do you have to tell the employer that petitioned about your intended part time job?

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    Quote from RA4LIFE
    Hello,Can one work a parttime job whiles waiting for the employer that petitioned for you to get you a position with EAD?
    . I got my ss# about a month ago and the employer has still not gotten a position for me.
    Secondly, can one work partime for another institution and full time for this
    employer? thank you

    you can work part time...
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    I was wondering wat wud happen to those of us who are on AOS route, wat are the steps. after I140 approval, My i485 is pending.just want to know wat are the steps to GC with AOS route.

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