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  1. Daretocare

    Rosalind Franklin interview HELP

    when did u interview...i interviewed recently... haven't heard anything yet.
  2. Daretocare

    Rosalind Franklin interview HELP

    when did u interview... just curious... i interviewed recently , havent heared anything yet.
  3. Daretocare

    What 's your opinion on Thomas Jefferson

    i have applied to thomas jefferson, would like to knw abt the pgrm, as far as i knw it one of the most expensive prgm out there. any info abt there acceptance requierments. any info would be appriciated. Thank you
  4. Daretocare

    How good is 3.219 GPA

    just would like to knw frm the pros how good is 3.219 cumlatative gpa , i have A'a in patho, biochem , B's in all other classes n C's in some BS classes... i m planing to join a school ASAP , ne idea how long does a normal application process takes , how far in advance should i apply to schools, planning to take GRE soon.. thnks
  5. Daretocare

    Greencard to Citizenship

    Hello guys, I had a question regrading applying for citizenship after recieving GC. tha law is thart i have to be LPR for atleast 5 yrs before applyin, But i have been in this country for 3 years now( was on F1) now have GC as of july 17th, 07. So my question is do ppl like me qualify for citizenzship before july 17th, 2012? any guidence wud be helpful Dare To care Be a Nurse!!
  6. Daretocare

    Green Card on the way!

    I just got an email from uscis stating that card in productions, so happy to hear that my PD was oct 13th, i m frm india.so does it mean that GC on way..
  7. Daretocare

    Green Card on the way!

    i m in USA at now. but my birth pplace is india.
  8. Daretocare

    AOS case approved? Pls help explain

    hey rittu congrats, my PD is oct 13th my i 140 approved on dec 2 , 2006, n i m frm india too.. so did u file at texas center? or other center.
  9. Daretocare

    AOS case approved? Pls help explain

    are u from Phillipines? sorri dont knw wat PI means.,,
  10. Daretocare

    Green Card on the way!

    congrats, wat center was ur application at. Mine is at texas PD 13 oct. i 140 approved dec 2 , 2006. from india.. wat country are u from, Phillipines...? the news is just makin me anxious... so lets hope i get the same reply too... dare to care Be a nurse
  11. Daretocare

    AOS case approved? Pls help explain

    well it does bring excitment back to life to hear that congrats, My PD is 13th oct too..i 140 was in dec2006. so lets see wat happens..n yeah i m frm India.. so dunno,, how wud that work out..so good luck to all of us who are patiently waitin.. hard work is indeed rewarding,, Dare to Care Be a Nurse
  12. Daretocare

    AOS and EAD

    I was wondering wat wud happen to those of us who are on AOS route, wat are the steps. after I140 approval, My i485 is pending.just want to know wat are the steps to GC with AOS route.
  13. Daretocare

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    So do i see the timing based on visa bulletin, or the processing times of respective centers.. since my i140 is approved wat wud be the next step. info wud be appriciated. thnks
  14. Daretocare

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    My concerned is wat happens to those who have been waitin for AOS. my documenst were submitted before the retrogression placed. MY I 140 is approved. I m very confused. wat happens now, wud my file still go to NVC in all this sequnce of events.. or wud i be still on wait under EB3, for my PD, and wat is the significance on processin times for respcetive centers like texas, nebraska etc. cuz i m not sure wat does the time on those reflect. do is still follow that processin time,even if my i140 is approved, shall i be keepin eye on proceesin time for i485. pls.. give me some details.. wud be much appriciated.. Dareto care BE a Nurse
  15. Daretocare

    Retrogression is OVER!!!! For now...

    i have my I140 approved, and is on AOS, n my PD is oct 13th '06 ,.. so wat are my chances..input wud be much appriciated. thank you
  16. Daretocare

    Questions for further studies?

    i was on F1 until july 06, OPT till Dec,06. 140 and 485 were filed on oct 'o6 I 485 is pending.. have new EAD since dec'06.. so.. dunno.. how to approach..

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