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If you could tell your patients anything, what would you tell them that would help them be your ideal Patient?

For instance: I would ask my Patient to bring extra blankets and pillows for themselves and any family member staying with them. This would help my Patient to be more of an ideal patient for me, because we usually only have enough bedding for each patient to have 1-2 pillows and 1 blanket. But yet many of them always want more than this and also want us to provide their family members with pillows and blankets too.

Thank-you! :)

renerian, BSN, RN

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Be open to learning and be a willing participant in your health care



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Please don't "go to the bathroom" in your bed!


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Be open to learning and be a willing participant in your health care


yes, the first, VERY FIRST, word that came to mind was compliant. But that is not quite it, PARTICIPATIVE, that is the word I want.


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One that understands that he/she isn't my only pt. and I can't always appear in 2 seconds when they ring for something. Sometimes I have to prioritize! Also what Deb and Renerian said.

z's playa

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A patient who actually "follows up" with regular doctor when they say they will.

leslie :-D

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a pt. who has an understanding of their disease process (or at least seeks to learn more) and has a willingness to participate in his/her own care; isn't afraid to seek autonomy and is proactive in his/her recovery process.


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Please fill out your health care proxy form!!


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One who would tell their family that after eating the food in the Pt. pantry, not to hunt me down to tell me there's not enough variey, and ask me if I could find something else.


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Please...I repeat: PLEASE.....tell me when u are in pain so that I may give you something. Try not to wait until the next shift so it looks like i"ve ignored you!!!

canoehead, BSN, RN

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Bring an up to date med list

UM Review RN, ASN, RN

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The perfect patient for me is unconscious and has a PICC line, a DNR, and no family.

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