Your A&P book .... do you


Still use it?

The reason I ask is because I still have mine from my prereqs but now that I am starting the actual nursing program on Aug 18 and I've heard to keep the book for future reference but do you REALLY still use it a lot ... or no?

If not, I'm selling it - could use the money for more books!



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I am also starting on Aug 18th! Congrats~ I was also told that it would make a great reference , so I have decided to keep mine...

Good luck


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I start August 25 and everyone had told me to keep my A&P book. I believe it is the basis of everything in nursing...(basic body functions, ect.)


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I will be starting 2nd year in Aug., and I have actually never looked back at my A&P book, but I can definately see how it would be a good resource for basic body systems/functions.


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I'm in 3rd semester and I still use mine sometimes. I don't pull it out daily or anything, but there have been several times that I've looked up something that I couldn't quite remember. I would suggest keeping it, but if you really need the money, Google can be your best friend! lol I actually google quite a bit too since I'm often at/near my computer.


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ive used it for physiology references for care plans, reports, and papers


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Yes, keep it. I'm starting my third semester of pharmacology and most nursing and pharm courses are taught assuming that you understand anatomy.

So for example, we are getting into the heart drugs and the first part of our learning objectives were "review cardiac anatomy in A&P".

It's our responsibility to know the "parts"...they are not going to go over that keep it.

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i sold my book since it was still being used and got a good price and then turned around and purchased the previous version and paid next to nothing maybe $10 including shipping. mind you several people used this book in class instead of the newer version. something to check into, hope this helps.



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I'm just starting nursing school in September, but my NS requries that we have our A&P and Nutrition I'm assuming I'll use them as a reference.




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I have used mine MANY times to look up even little things... you tend to forget concepts and need a good refresher before you can understand more complex concepts you learn in nursing school.

If you really need the money then you can always sell it back and attempt to google what you need to know, but I find its easier when my A&P book is sitting on the same shelf as all of my nursing textbooks

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I sell everything I can get a few dollars for! As for A&P I always figured if I needed to do a bit of refreshing I could always google and if you really want to have a book buy an older version used off Amazon, they are really cheap...anatomy hasn't changed that much in the last few years, lol. Good luck!


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I haven't opened mine in more than two years but I plan on revisiting it again in the next couple weeks to brush up on acid base balance. That stuff is coming back to haunt me in August (Med-Surge I class) and I never quite grasped it while in A&P.

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