You know it's finals week when.....


ok, didn't see a list it's time for everyone to mention that last minute prayer, the lucky shirt ritual, and even that person who suddenly becomes everyone's "best" friend...

Seen Today(day 1 of 3)

-A student who bowed their head for a LOONGGGG time before the final, Then let out a really soft snore....

-Groups of "roving" study buddies who had that last-minute tip for everyone.....I don't care what you know, just what I know.

-Students gazing glassy eyed at the lack of food in the cafeteria at 1230.....and settling on jello and a brownie....

-Me jumping up and down in front of my computer when I saw I passed micro and my legal issues just theory and pharm to worry about...

Pharm people you are not alone!!!!

Your turn!

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oh the horror of finals, honestly i dont want to think about them or else i'll just start crying!! its just so much in so little time!! i've gone numb from all the assignment i have to finish! good luck to you though!!


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You know its finals week when.....

- my kids groan "Not Ramen noodles AGAIN!"

- my husband asks "exactly where is the washing machine located again?"

- the dogs run when they see me for fear of being scooped up for "anatomy" practice

- instead of being distracted by a cell phone in checkout lines, I am distracted by color-coded flashcards

- the fridge suddenly gets stocked with Mylanta and Pepto and the cabinet has a secret stash of RUM (for after finals)

- I have started calling the dust-bunnies by name

- a typical bedtime story is "The Conduction System/Anatomy of the Heart and 12 Little Reindeer"


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-to the point where your family and friends ask you "where the heck have you been?"

-to the point when your dog beg for attention that you havent been able to give it to him.

-to the point where you have school-related nightmares

-to the point where you steal Foley out of lab room! to practice for the final exam!


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You know its finals when:

You spend too much time surfing allnurses on "study breaks."

Chocolate and coffee become your best friends.

You don't sleep at night--if you do, you have dreams about showing up to school and realizing you "forgot" to study for your final.

"Grumpy" takes on new meaning (it is more akin to downright mean).

I should be studying, guys!


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-Lack of sleep.

-Constantly getting reminded that it's finals week by people in the class and they proceed to tell you random bits of information to confuse the heck out of you. This especially happens with math problems. I try not to listen because their tips aren't helpful when I have my own method of remembering the forumlas down.

-You can park in the front row for the first time all semester!

-There are hardly any students around but you still can't find a quiet place to study!

-You see book pages on the insides of your eyelids when you "rest" your eyes!

-The cafeteria has food left but no condiments...and only one kind of soda (the one no one likes!)

-People are walking around the campus glassy-eyed, like they don't know where they are...or who they are!

-Everyone has forgotten it's Christmastime!:o


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You know it's finals week when...

- traffic is thin on your way to finals

- the thought of another cup of coffee makes your stomach churn, but you go for another cup anyway :smilecoffeeIlovecof

- you sleep restlessly b/c you are dreaming up new acronyms and lab values that don't exist! :selfbonk:


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.... my apartment is the cleanest it's been all semester!


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you wear 2 different shoes to take the kids to the bus stop, because they were the first you could find, and at least they were for the right feet.


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You know it's finals week when.....

The girls who started out the semester with their makeup perfect, hair perfect, nails perfect, and bouncing into class with their fashionable rolly come to class with no makeup or the residual left from the day before..... hair in a pony that looks unbrushed x 2 days, nails that are chipped, jagged, and not all polished, and dragging their feet into class draggin their rolly carts......

Your hubby says..... "ummmm, is your lip ALWAYS draggin like that in the corner"?

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When you lock yourself in your room for 3-4 hour periods, kids eat mac n cheese and hot dogs all week, people who havn't really talked to you all semester suddenly call you an ask to be study buddies, everything that may go wrong will go wrong on your way to finals, friends/family ready to put up missing persons signs

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