Yet another RN to BSN question....


Looking to do it all online, at an affordable price, yet reputable degree. Can anyone help?



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I'm in the same boat as you, MomRN.

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Check out Western Governors University. They appear to be quite reputable and not at all sleazy like the for-profit schools ie University of Phoenix, etc. No one should go into crazy debt to get their BSN! And no, I don't work for them!


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Liberty University is pretty cheap, though they do require christian based classes (just keep that in mind), no required logon times. Im in the program now, and i really like it. Also, Florida Hospital College is online and cheap, but with required weekly logon times that are nearly impossible with a night shift job. It was where I was previously, so I transferred.

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I believe that Western Gov was acquired by Apollo - parent company of University of Phoenix.

I would advise looking at the U of Tx at Arlington... last I heard, the RN-BSN was

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Nope, I don't believe that's accurate. One needs only to go to the WGU website and read very carefully. Don't know anything about University of Texas, but nice to know about other reputable programs!


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I just applied to American Sentinel University. Price is affordable. I hope I made the RIGHT decision!!!!:uhoh3: Chamberlin also looked really good, until I put it on paper. It's a bit more than I want to pay.

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before you sign up for and throw good money at any online program, look veerrry carefully to be sure their "degree" will allow you take nclex and be licensed in every state. there are some states that will let you take nclex with some of these for-profit outfits like phoenix, devry, and liberty, but then you try to transfer your license to another state and you discover it's no good there. buyer beware! online programs, if reputable, are not easier than a regular school, either.

you are better off, by far, getting your online degree from the extension service of an established brick-and-mortar university (ut was mentioned; there are many) if you can't afford to actually go to school.


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Just make sure the school has proper accreditation before you take your RN-BSN courses.


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Thanks for the help. I won't have to take my NCLEX again, will I?!

Christian based classes, not for me, I appreciate that info.

As some know I am unemployed right now. I am a nurse for over 5 years.... yes, everyone would rather have the BSN new grad all of a sudden rather than the 5 year experienced RN (unless I want to go "backwards")

My uncle may have a connection for me with a certain home health company. Only thing is, I would need to be atleast enrolled. So, if that's what it takes, that what it takes! But, as me being unemployed, I am a little broke.... but next week I have a meeting with unemplyment, and I will see if they will aide my education.


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I completed my BSN and am currently working on my MSN at Kaplan Universtiy (all online). The cost is more than a brick and mortar buiding but for me the time saved and flexibility is worth it. They are accreditated and have a well developed program that has prepared me for the next phase of my nursing career. I have no plans on retiring soon so the $30,000 dollars I will pay is worth it for me when my pay will increase and I will earn more in the long run. Good luck.


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Ohio University has both a campus based and online based RN-BSN program. It's a well-respected non-profit university. They also have campus based ADN, BSN, and MSN programs.