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  1. I've been a RN for almost 11 years (1 year floor, 10 years surgical-trauma ICU). I was playing around with the idea of transitioning to psych. The only psych experience I have was back in 2005-2006 when I worked in a locked-down sub-acute facility with adults as a BHT. What are your thoughts? Anyone here ever made the transition from hospital bed side nursing to psych?
  2. silentRN

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    Well, depending on where you came from...as for me, nursing has been a great accomplishment from working low-paying dead-end jobs. I can't complain. I work a week on and get a week off. I get two weeks off a month and the pay isn't bad once you put your time in. I started off on the floor for a year and then went to critical care ever since. I'm coming up on 8 years in June. You learn to get over the small stuff within a few years, and just find a routine that works for you. having the 2 year experiences and not finding a job isn't true at all. I have interviewed, hired, and trained plenty of new grads in critical care over the years.
  3. silentRN

    Fluid bolus by gravity or pump?

    I think it just depends on the access you have.
  4. silentRN

    Ebola Preparedness Nursing Survey Results

    There's actually a group of us that are prepared to take care of an ebola patient if that should happen. I'm actually pleased by the way the hospital I work for has dealt with this.
  5. silentRN

    How to deal with negative nurses.

    Usually the longer that you have done the job, the more negative your attitude becomes. Healthcare in general is a hard industry to work in. There is little to none recognition, and a lot of back stabbing that goes along with it. You get a lot of blame, and more work just gets added onto your plate without any compensation.
  6. silentRN

    Opinion of nurses

    Well I hope to God that some heroic friend of mine doesn't try to extend my life when it's pass overdue. It's the nurse's and the doctor's role to give a realistic picture on the quality of life, and the reality of the situation. There are worst things than death.
  7. silentRN

    Need advice about ICU job switch!

    Email the manager. That's how I got my interview set up when I was working a floor unit and wanted to transfer to the ICU. I didn't get a response back until 3 months later when a position opened up. I applied, was interviewed, and that's all there was to it. Let me remind you though, that was during a time when nursing jobs where guaranteed to pretty much all that applied...times have definitely changed for some time now.
  8. silentRN

    Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Guidelines

    I just run the machine, the renal doc gets the big bucks to decide what I run through it.
  9. silentRN

    Seizure activity during re-warming phase of hypothermia

    If it becomes uncontrollable, you can try propofol, and if that doesn't work you put them on a pentobarbital coma, but you would definitely need an EEG...problem with pentobarbital coma, is that it takes forever to clear the system. There's other drugs that can be tried first too, like Keppra and phenytoin that may help with the seizures, but from experience if the patient continues to be in status then they're gonna need a continuous gtts of something. If it's twitching because of an anoxic brain injury, then ya, there's really not much you can do for them but do the propofol...but you can't keep someone on propofol for the rest of their life...and as the prior person commented before, it's an indicator of a poor prognosis.
  10. silentRN

    Needs some cheering up

    Who cares if they are upset...I try to have little interaction with them anymore. Especially at a teaching hospital, the residents would be the first to throw you under the bus...my advice is just to stay clear of all the docs.
  11. Well, Mexico has us beat now.
  12. silentRN

    Who's afraid of the ICU?

    You just need to remember, all we do is collect data, crunch numbers, and report anything out of the ordinary, and remember to chart the memo that said you notified the doc. Blue collar workers just like everyone else. In reality, hospitals don't pay us to sit there and think, but to follow orders and report anything out of the ordinary...I know we like to make nursing like some fluff and puff high and mighty calling...but it's not, it's a job, and that's the reality of it all.
  13. silentRN

    Online BSN - Is it taken seriously?

    To be honest, it doesn't matter where you go to get your RN-BSN for employers. Experience counts more than anything. Human Resources is just going to see that you checked the box that says you have a BSN, and your managers and peers are only going to care about your experience.
  14. silentRN

    Fighting for Medicare for All

    Self proclaimed Christians??? How did that wrench get thrown in the mix?
  15. silentRN

    Obamacare and Nursing.. what do you think?

    You better just stop listening to mainstream media all together if you want real news. It's naive to believe that mainstream media portrays any truth whatsoever. It's also naive to believe that this country isn't in some serious trouble with finance...
  16. silentRN

    Obamacare and Nursing.. what do you think?

    It was our 34th President, dwight d eisenhower, that had warned us of the Military Industrial complex