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  1. I've been a RN for almost 11 years (1 year floor, 10 years surgical-trauma ICU). I was playing around with the idea of transitioning to psych. The only psych experience I have was back in 2005-2006 when I worked in a locked-down sub-acute facility with adults as a BHT. What are your thoughts? Anyone here ever made the transition from hospital bed side nursing to psych?
  2. silentRN

    A Headache is not an emergency

    Well, it really depends. Sometimes those headaches turn into a ruptured aneurysm.
  3. silentRN

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    Well, depending on where you came from...as for me, nursing has been a great accomplishment from working low-paying dead-end jobs. I can't complain. I work a week on and get a week off. I get two weeks off a month and the pay isn't bad once you put your time in. I started off on the floor for a year and then went to critical care ever since. I'm coming up on 8 years in June. You learn to get over the small stuff within a few years, and just find a routine that works for you. having the 2 year experiences and not finding a job isn't true at all. I have interviewed, hired, and trained plenty of new grads in critical care over the years.
  4. silentRN

    Baby RN's running ICU?!!

    There seems to just be a high turnover rate no matter where you end up. Lately, I've seen a very high turn over rate that I have never seen in the past 7 years in our ICUs, and like you, there are a good share of new grads taking up those places. Healthcare isn't really about patient care anymore, but rather patient satisfaction scores, which all ties into reimbursement. Hospitals seem to care less about educating us nurses anymore (we don't even have a nurse educator nor a CNS, and I work at a "teaching" hospital), but rather they would cheaply fill the void as long as the patient surveys come back with good numbers. Anymore, ICU seems like a joke. The skill set has been really dumbed down, and it feels more like an adult baby sitting unit. We are just expensive baby sitters. Would you like a blanket?
  5. silentRN

    How to be a good preceptor

    I've been a preceptor for new grads or even new employees with ICU experience for a good amount of years, but I was wondering if anyone had anything they can share for me to read or just some past experiences as a preceptor and/or the as the preceptee, that can help me become a better preceptor. Anything is appreciated Thank you :)
  6. silentRN

    Your experience with Banner

    Banner bought out the hospital I work for. I was wondering if any out there have any experience with working for Banner as a staff nurse, and what was their experience like? Please be honest.
  7. silentRN

    Hospitals in Az that self-schedule

    I work in a hospital in Tucson and we use self-scheduling.
  8. silentRN

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    My answer is still the same as it was a year ago when I responded to this post...nursing still sucks, and it's just gonna suck even more.
  9. silentRN

    Fluid bolus by gravity or pump?

    I think it just depends on the access you have.
  10. silentRN

    Ebola Preparedness Nursing Survey Results

    There's actually a group of us that are prepared to take care of an ebola patient if that should happen. I'm actually pleased by the way the hospital I work for has dealt with this.
  11. silentRN

    ICU Charge Nurse with Patient Assignment

    why would anyone in their right mind say that a charge nurse should have any patients, unless you are part of the administration??!!
  12. silentRN

    How to deal with negative nurses.

    Usually the longer that you have done the job, the more negative your attitude becomes. Healthcare in general is a hard industry to work in. There is little to none recognition, and a lot of back stabbing that goes along with it. You get a lot of blame, and more work just gets added onto your plate without any compensation.
  13. silentRN

    Wage Increases

    So, I want to know, how many wage increase have you had in the last 6 years as an RN? I've had 2...and the last 1 i had I didn't even see a difference on my paycheck because it got wiped out by the social security tax increase a few years back. Nursing has become a stagnant career. But, my boss puts it best, it's not a career but a trade...these hospital sure do treat us like ****...
  14. silentRN

    Does nursing really suck that badly?

    Yes it does. I'm sorry that you have to hear it like that, but yes it sucks bad.
  15. silentRN

    Opinion of nurses

    Well I hope to God that some heroic friend of mine doesn't try to extend my life when it's pass overdue. It's the nurse's and the doctor's role to give a realistic picture on the quality of life, and the reality of the situation. There are worst things than death.
  16. silentRN

    Need advice about ICU job switch!

    Email the manager. That's how I got my interview set up when I was working a floor unit and wanted to transfer to the ICU. I didn't get a response back until 3 months later when a position opened up. I applied, was interviewed, and that's all there was to it. Let me remind you though, that was during a time when nursing jobs where guaranteed to pretty much all that applied...times have definitely changed for some time now.