Yeah, I passed!!


Last Firday, I received all my grades and passed everything. I am happy. Next semester is my last semester. I can't wait. During the Christmas Break I'm going to start studying for the NCLEX-PN. 5 more months to go. I just wanted to share my happiness with yall.

Graduating in May, 04 from LPN program.:roll

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Congratulations!!!!! I have my final in med-surg tomorrow----not looking forward to it, but cannot wait for this semester to end!


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i feel your joy!! i too passed all my classes with A's and B's and i am so happy!!! I really did not have any faith in myself but I did it!!!!!!

Looking forward to the winter break!!!!!


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Congratulations Angel4. What a great feeling!!!

:balloons: :balloons: :balloons:


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WOOHOO!!!! keep up the hard work!


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That is a great acomplishment. Keep it up!:)


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way to go!

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Fabulous!! :)

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