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Hello everyone,

i just wanted to ask a question. WOULD YOU PUT YOUR JOB ON THE LINE FOR ANOTHER COWORKER ? Well i have been gone for the last few weeks because i have been fighting for my job. Our hospitol was recently taken over by a new company. My boss in the ER resigned ( well pushed to resign) , also the Med Surg manager. We got 3 new managers. Med Surg, ER and a clinical manager. all worked together else where for 10 plus years. well it so happens the new er manager hated lpns. :mad: Well after encouraging school one day the next while all Managers, Administrator and ER director was out of town he decided to get rid of the LPN,s. Guess he thought we were going to go quietly. UH UH UH NO! Okay here it is, all docs, and nurses fighting for the lpns for 2 weeks and my fellow coworker and good friend stumbled upon a letter. It said things like lpns were worthless techs, screw the new owner if he didnt like his decisions, screw this doc and screw that doc AND oh ya comes to find out in this letter he didnt like anyone that was not white. Okay so what was she to do with this letter? Morals, Principals set in, leave it alone its private? Or let everyone know what this person was about. So she chose to make copies and ditribute the letter throughout the hosp., thinking if she just gave it to administration it wouldnt get very far. The docs. ,administration, and all employees got a copy even the new owner....Well the 2 managers this letter was from are no longer at the facility, and yes we get to keep our jobs, and so did the employee that found the letter , although she got suspended for 2 days ( a weekend ) oh what punishment. just let me say one more thing this employee was an ( RN) FIGHTING FOR LPN,s Along side the Doc,s!!! OH MY GOSH ! THE WORLD OF RNS AND LPNS CAN GET ALONG AND STICK TOGETHER! She was brave to do what she did and put her job on the line and she did a good thing by telling all. She could have been fired, and she new that. I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT SHE DID FOR US! I am still going to school and wont forget where i came from. THANKYOU FOR LISTNING ALICIA :D

WOWEEEEEEEEEE :) :) Good for her, I am very much impressed :p :p


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Good for her! I have put my job on the line and lost. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. I believe in Karma!:p


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Futurelpn, and Mustagsheba,

Thankyou for your replys, I feel the same. Stand up for what is right! :) But i wonder why there was 114 views and only 2 replys??? Does no one want to answer this question? Are they undecided, unwilling, scared to post there true feelings, or just plain dont give a crap what happens to there fellow coworkers. Gosh it truely is a simple question ! Maybe this shows us what nursing has become ( dog eat dog). :( Thanks Alicia


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I'm glad to see that team work is a word that means something.yesterday I was in a meeting where a doctor made the comment that we needed nurses(meaning RNS) It did my heart good when a RN stood up and challenged the doctor that LVNs where nurses and how glad she was we where on their team.so your right we can all work togeather and it makes everyones job easier.


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My hat is off to the brave nurse and your fellow co-workers that went to bat for you all!!!!! And yes, I absolutely would put my job on the line for a co-worker. I have done so in the past and wouldn't hesitate if I believe in them. My next question is....did you loose salary because of the jerks in question? Because if you did, my butt would be going to an attorney and taking these crack pots to court. the fact that they are no longer there does not erase the pain and suffering you were caused, not to mention the stress it put on those who were working to bring you back. It is obvious that they were not practicing good tactics and what they did was just plain against the law. I would send them a very loud message that this will not be tollerated and for those of you that suffered, I think monetary compensation is in order. If you all stand together you will win. If they suffer no damages from their actions, they will just move on to the next facility, doing these same horrible things. Sometimes a good lawsuit is what is needed to make someone see the error of their ways. Just my thoughts.


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I recently lost a job for speaking out for what I considered improper care by unlicensed people. If this had been in a hospital, I probably could have defended my actions. but as it was a private practice--boom, I'm gone. My error was underestimating the power that one person held. As for the hspital situation above, I am in awe of the nurse who stuck her neck out to do what was right. I hope her actions (and this memo) woke up the management, so that this kind of situation won't happen again.

I would speak up again--but only if I could stand losing my job.:eek:


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I absolutely would stick up for someone else. What is one worth if they don't have the integrety to do what is right? I think that's part of what is wrong in the world today. Some people go around only thinking of themselves & look the other way when an injustice is done.

It sounds like you work with some outstanding people!!!:)


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DITTO! I agree with those who were totally impressed by this unselfish nurse's actions! In this day of backbiting, and egos sticking out a mile long, it's great to see that there are those who still have principals!

And YES, I would stick my neck out, and take the lumps where they fall! If something is wrong, and you can let it go, and not be compelled to do something about it, what does that say about you? Wrong is just wrong, not matter which way you try to look at it.

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When I first read the title to this post, I immediately thought that it would depend on the circumstances. Under the circumstances you described, I would MOST DEFINITELY fight for my coworkers :)


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stand up for what you think is right period. :)


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too cool! i just saw this thread!!

in my opinion this :

"putting your job on the line"- happens much more than we nurses every talk about.

-i also believe it is scarey for many nurses to

"stand up" and if we nurses who have been around can stand up it only helps others to have more courage!

of course always keeping a check on yourself will help and not to be lead by loud mouths who make our profession look bad...

i am sooooo proud of these people who stand up for another person in another job classification. back when i was an lpn i had an rn stand up for me and i will never forget it! it prevented me from being suspended for 3 days and kept my record clean. thanks to norma rn !! ...imarn :cool:

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