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  1. Katmease

    online FNP programs

    Isn't that what you are doing by your statement, "Did I receive a better education than my online peers? Absolutely! And no one will convince me otherwise."?
  2. A. May 2001, BSN (went straight for the BSN, no ADN) B. Know that you will have to be motivated & disciplined. C. Absolutely. D. SICU, MNICU & CICU float at a level one hospital. Working on NP program.
  3. Katmease

    OKlahoma and Excelsior College

    You would have to find out which courses are required by the board. Years ago when I did the EC program (Regents) in MO, the board required Ethics & A &P with a lab. Wasn't a problem for me as I'd completed a year & a half of an ADN program & already had it. I went ahead & completed the BSN (one could do that at the time) due to the fact that I had been in an accident in the middle of the semester of the ADN program locally & couldn't finish the semester. Even though I had great grades, the waiting period to get back in was a year so I went the EC route. I've never regretted it & would highly recommend EC but be careful if you want to work in CA, KS (& there may be other states- back then it was only IL that wouldn't take them but you could endorse after 2 years).
  4. Katmease

    Do you belong to a nursing association?

    Ditto on the ANA. I am a Sigma Theta Tau member & am working on my NP. I have known diploma & ADN nurses that knew more than some BSN nurses so I can't in good faith exclude them. I do understand the need for a more "professional" standard but didn't we all have to pass the NCLEX? (that's rhetorical)
  5. Katmease

    Excelsior Student....

    I'm well aware of that; that just happens to be where he works & he hadn't heard of it.
  6. Katmease

    Excelsior Student....

    Very well said. I remember years ago, I contacted the Missouri Nurses Association regarding a nursing program & they said it was not approved, I then asked the State Board of Nursing & they said that it was. One's own BON should be their source of information.
  7. Katmease

    Excelsior Student....

    Where did you hear that Missouri has things in the works? I just called a friend that works in the Investigations dept. at the MO Board of Nursing & he hasn't heard anything about it. He said he'd love to know where the info came from.
  8. Katmease

    Need opinions about CMSI, please

    Hi. Does anyone have an opinion about CMSI? They have a location I want but I don't know anything about them other than what their website says. I did a search but only one result from 2001. I've worked agency for years but am wanting to do travel nursing but don't know what agency is the best. Thanks.
  9. Katmease

    Travel nursing agency??

    Not meaning to hijack the thread but does anyone have an opinion about CMSI? They have a location I want but I don't know anything about them other than what their website says. Thanks.
  10. Katmease

    Disabled Nursing

    Hi & welcome to allnurses. I wish you the best.
  11. Katmease

    What LPN courses does EC accept?

    Excelsior used to have a program that you could send a fee & see what would apply & what you would need for completion & that fee would be appied to your enrollment. Who is the accrediting agency for your program? I doubt that it will apply either but you never know. Generally, LPN coursework does not count towards a college degree anywhere. I'm not bashing LPNs (afterall, I didn't start out as an RN either )
  12. Katmease

    Nurses tossing scrubs for all-white uniforms

    You have expressed it so well, I'm in awe. Thank you.
  13. Katmease

    Please think of me

    I just saw this but am sending prayers that your recovery will be speedy. Take care & best wishes!
  14. Katmease

    signing up with Rue

    Like the others said, save your money. You will be paying Rue on top of the Excelsior costs. When I did Excelsior's program, they have their own bookstore. Also, you will have access to their site for students that has a special section that students sell their books and online study groups for classes.