Would you prefer 75 or 100 test questions ?

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For this course our first two exams are going to be 75 questions with the final 100 questions. The first two exams are worth 35 % with the final worth 30 %. We must have a weighted average of 75 % to pass the course.

Usually our nursing exams are 100 questions so this is quite different. The good news is that there are less questions for me to get wrong and I'll need to get less right. However, these questions will be worth more points. I'm not sure.:yawn: What do you all think ? :twocents:

theres 35 questions in our exams!

our final had 70 questions worth 30% of our grade.

it was like taking 2 35 questions exams..really, just as hard.

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I dont really think that is that big of a difference.

I would study for them the same.


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our finals is 75 questions...hmmm..which is this week.


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Personally, I would prefer 100 questions. I just feel like there's a better chance of me getter a higher grade because the points taken off of each missed answer is less.


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We are different in Bahrain. We have 30 MCQ and 3-5 Short note questions. But for some modules we need more time.

No diffrence between 75 or 100 ... studing for both will be the same.

Good luck


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I'll always welcome more questions, even though my study habits won't change either way. Our questions range from ~30-45, depending on whether or not we are able to convince the professor to give us more questions. I believe the standard at our school is ~35.

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The more the merrier.

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I agree with the majority of you all. I love having more questions but ofcourse I'll have to study for them all the same.

I also discovered that we'll have a pop up quiz too, never done that either. The sad thing is that it'll only be worth 1pt towards one of our exams.


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I prefer 75 or fewer actually. When I was in Peds the tests were 100 questions. Towards the end I would be get so tired. If you went through my tests do really well, but after 50 questions they progressively get worse as I go. I lose my stamina!

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We have 35-55 questions on each test untill the final (100 questions). I have to agree with Alternato81, that durring the final I got really tired. I had a hard time focusing, and got really fidgety. I still did well, but I like shorter tests better. Also, we get the same amt of time for the 35-55 question tests as we do on the final, so you really have to pace yourself or you will run out of time.

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gimme 100

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