Working 7p-7a when Hurricane Ivan...(pray)

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted your prayers that we will all be safe when Hurricane Ivan visits the Gulf Coast area. I will be working the 7p-7a shift at a local hospital in Pensacola. Anyways.... I am getting ready for a little rest before work. Take care and may God keep us all SAFE.



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:) My prayers are with you. Best of luck.


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be careful and stay safe!!! sending lots of prayers and warm hugs your way!!! :) ((((((hugs))))))) :)


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You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We hope the storm comes and goes quickly without too much damage. Take care of yourself and let us all know that you are OK after the hurricane passes through!! :o

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Thinking of you and sending good thoughts tonight. Rest when you can. Chances are you are short-staffed as our facility was through Frances. Keep your strength. You will need it for the days following.

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Best wishes. Hope everyone stays safe.

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By now, Ivan's hitting you guys pretty hard. I'm praying for your safety and hope your power is back on soon.

Please check back when you can and update us.

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Would love to hear from you as to how it went. I just saw on the news that four hospitals in Pensacola sustained damaged.

I'm so proud that we have nurses in our ranks such as you.

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Let us know how it goes. My prayers are with you.


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Hey everyone,

Just wanted 2 thank U 4 your prayers, most especially, the ones who responded to my thread: blackcat99, ucandoit, shed13911, rnkittykat, 3rdshiftguy, angie o'plasty, and rubyvee.

It was a very difficult, stressful 12 hour night while working during the hurricane. The hospital lost power and water/plumbing around midnite. Our generator was working but only for medical equipment and emergency lights. Therefore, the a/c was NOT working. It was HOT and miserable especially w/ NO water/plumbing. We had to move ALL of our patients in the hallways. Thankfully.... I work with some great RNs, Lpns, and techs. We all worked like a finely tuned machine. It was GREAT. I was even more proud to be an RN that night. I know that many of us bash our profession but I AM SHOUTING OUT LOUD AND PROUD THAT I AM A PROUD RN!!!!! We worked like a very close family. Although we work like that all the time.... we clearly showed it that night. We were able to "calm" our pts and family members.

However... the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan has been a difficult one. There are still many without power and even some have lost their homes. I need your prayers for all who have suffered from Hurricane Ivan and also the other 2 Charly and Frances.

There is a website of the many many photo gallerys of the destruction that Ivan left the Pensacola area and the NW gulf coast of FL. The website is from our local newspaper:

Thank U 4 your prayers and God bless U all!!!



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warhawk, hi. I worked as well that day. Or should I say from 7am wed (9/15) to 5pm thurs (9/16). I work at a home for the developmentally disabled and we were fine. We lost power about midnight, too. I actually slept through most of the worst...we were allowed to by our DON. My oldest stayed with me since he is a "mama's boy".

We have 4 houses with 16 clients each and there was a nurse in each building. We knew that we wouldn't be able to reach the other building if needed. But, our facility is a "well-care" facility and we generally do not have a lot of medical problems to deal with.

We had a window blow out of one building (not the one I was in) and a tree fell on our gazebo but that was it...other than quite a few trees down on the grounds. I know for sure that the mentally retarded are God's special people. :)

It was so amazing when I left work Thursday. At the home, the storm seemed bad...but, not that bad. Then, I drove down 98 and Gulf Beach Highway. Trees everywhere. Ughh. It's going to take a long time for Pensacola to rebuild...especially on Perdido Key and Pensacola Beach.

I'm glad ya'll were safe and let's hope that is an experience that we don't have to do again anytime soon. :uhoh3:

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