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  1. michelle95

    on-call reimbursement

    I work in a 63 bed ICF and receive one day off for every week that I am on call.... which is twice a month (I share with the HSD). The only problem is that I cannot save them. So, if I don't use it within the month, I lose it.
  2. michelle95

    Clinical Care Coordinator

    I am about to start work as a Clinical Care Coordinator in a local DD facility. I worked there as an LPN in RN school and have since stayed on PRN (about 1-2 times a month) while I've worked at the hospital. The current CCC is taking the HSD (Health Services Director) job and she has asked me to take her job. I'm excited but nervous. I love the clients and DD nursing is very special to me. Any advice?
  3. michelle95

    no-smoking policies

    These hospitals that are banning smoking on campus....are they banning those artery clogging burgers in the cafeteria? What about those krispy kremes? Double standards. I know that smoking is bad for you but if I do it away from others..what's the difference in my smoking and the other person that weighs 400 lbs going to the cafeteria for cholesterol laden food?
  4. michelle95

    Eleven pound baby!

    My oldest son was 11.4 at birth. I am 5'9" and had him naturally with no real problems. He was a little hypoglycemic and had to be on an O2 mask at first because he came out so fast (I pushed for 15 minutes). I did have a 3rd degree tear to contend with ... and that was NOT fun. My second son was 10.1 at birth...10 days early. I was only in labor with him for an hour and a half total. That sounds nice but I had NO time to get used to the pain getting worse. It was like BAM! I'm in transition. No screaming with either...and, like someone else said...I was made to have babies. Of course, I think I may turn out diabetic. I had an instructor once that said a lot of women that have big babies end up being diabetic even if they didn't have gestational diabetes (which I didn't).
  5. michelle95

    CDC - Why Most Nurses Don't Get the Flu Vaccine

    my youngest son became a raving animal after his 18 month shots. he went from normal to banging his head and pitching horrific fits within a week. i strongly suspect the thimerasol. doctors have tossed around "pervasive developmental disorder (mild autism)", "asperger's (a different form of mild autism)", and now bipolar disorder. he is almost 7...my child stopped being "normal" a long time ago...and, now i struggle to do the best i can with him...hoping he will end up a productive member of society and not in jail. i can thank the cdc/pharm companies for that. hey...the pharm companies are making money off of him since he has to take risperdal. why would they want to stop some vaccinations when they can make more money in the long run? :angryfire but, don't get me started on that. as for the flu shot? i came down with chickenpox 2 weeks after the shot. i had lived 28 years without getting chickenpox...even being around infected kids (along with patients with shingles)...but, i guess being straight injected with it was too much for my body to handle. so, no...i won't get the flu shot. i've lived 31 years now without getting it...i'll take my chances.
  6. michelle95

    Anxious pts!

    I've never heard of it being a risk either. If it were, you would never change the dressing.
  7. michelle95


    I just obtained my first needlestick last week (hopefully my last). It was a TB syringe that I had just injected lidocaine into a pt prepping for IV insertion. We both turned up neg for HIV, Hep B&C but man...it sure was scary. I will get checked in 6 weeks, 3 mos, 6 mos and a year. TO the OP, I am sorry that your employer is not handling this. I would be on the phone to OSHA if I were you.
  8. michelle95

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    1.Type of nurse? Periop RN 2. How many hours u work per week? 40 3. How many years of nursing? 6 years LPN, 1 year RN 4. What Shift: Day, Evening, nights, or weekend only? 0500-1330, no weekends or holidays 5. City and State: Pensacola, FL 6. Average 2 week gross pay: Almost 1600 gross and about 1200 after taxes, insurance, short term disability, foundation, etc.. I may not make as much as some...but, NOT having to work the horrid floor MORE than makes up for it. I worked a cardiac floor last year and almost got out of nursing because of it.
  9. michelle95

    Pay increase after bridging?

    A couple of nursing homes that I applied at after getting my RN would not give me extra for having 6 years of LPN experience. However, the last hospital I worked at gave me gave me 3 years of RN experience for the 6 LPN years....and I worked on a telemetry floor....I had never worked "acute care" at that point. Worked on a rehab and a couple of nursing homes as an LPN but not acute care. You would think that since LTC was my thing that I would have gotten more. Go figure. The hospital that I currently work at also gave me extra for LPN experience....even though I have never worked on periop.
  10. michelle95

    Nurses in huge demand [Florida]

    As someone who just moved from Bradenton (south of Tampa) back to Pensacola...lemme tell you how I see it. Sure, there are a lot of seniors that rely on Medicare...but, there are also a lot of seniors moving to the Tampa-Sarasota area that are willing to pay the ENORMOUS housing costs. The same house bought in Pensacola for 150000 will go for about 320000 in Bradenton. With that said...I only took about a 30cent pay cut moving back to Pensacola. I made 20.23 in B'ton and now am making 19.95 here in P'col. You do the math....I'm coming out wayyy ahead now. So, those old folks moving to South Florida driving up the housing costs...I may sound mean...but I really don't pity them when people like me aren't able to afford the living costs. People are leaving South Florida because of this. And, while pay in Pensacola sounds poor...it's a lot better than it was even a year ago. The hospitals are wizening up.
  11. michelle95

    What would be the estimated starting salary in Flordia?

    I was just recently offered a position at a hospital in Pensacola with pay at 19.50. For Pensacola, that is good. Moving back from Bradenton, I was NOT expecting that. I made 20.23 in Bradenton at an HCA facility. The reason I moved back to P'cola from Bradenton is the cost of homes in B'ton are 2-3 times the ones here in P'cola. So, I'm actually coming out wayyyy ahead. For once in my life, something is coming out right.
  12. michelle95

    Most easy job in Nursing?

    I start working on a pre-op floor next Monday. M-F 0500-1330. No major holidays. I'm not particularly thrilled about having to be at work at 0500 in the morning....but, after 13 years of working weekends and holidays...I'll get up and JUST DO IT. From what my new coworkers said....this floor may get stressful at times when the OR wants a patient NOW but generally, it's nothing like a regular floor.
  13. michelle95

    Unsafe staffing

    I am convinced that most places don't care about nurses. They just want a "warm" body to fill a slot. I just started a new job working on a subacute. Apparently, the average load is 25 patients. For regular LTC, this is not bad...but for rehab folks that just came from the hospital...no. I am so sore today from all the running I did yesterday that I can barely move. What's more, I don't feel like I will be a good nurse at this facility. I'll have to make short cuts and barely scrape by doing my job. Uh-huh. I don't think so. It's a good thing that I am just waiting for boards....I am so out of there. So, basically, I'm with you. I just don't understand how people can do this sort of thing. 100 patients to one nurse. Yeah...and management walking out the door at 4-5 telling you to have a good night. What hypocrites! :uhoh21: I'd find a new job if I were you.
  14. michelle95

    How many of us are 25 - 35 yrs. old?

    I just turned 30 almost 2 weeks ago. I became an LPN at 24 and now I have almost made my goal of being an RN by the time I turned 30. I'm not an "RN" yet but I finished school before my birthday so that's pretty good. Now, if I can just get that BSN before 35. :rotfl:
  15. michelle95

    Advice for new student (Psych vs. DD)

    I just spent a year and a half working at a DD facility. Very rewarding. Unfortunately, there are no places like that to work where I moved to. Anyway, if most DD facilities are like mine then I should be able to tell you a little about the difference from psych...at least in my mind. DD is more of a home, like a nursing home but not. It is for people that are not able to take care of themselves because of profound developmental problems such as MR, autism, cerebral palsy, etc.. IMO, you do have to use more "psych" skills in a DD more than a facility like a nursing home. Psych, on the other hand, has more of your "mental problems". Bipolar, schizophrenia, major depression, addictions, etc. The place that I did psych clinicals for my ADN was very different than a DD. It was a "hospital" and the folks there had classes all day, along with pharmacological management to prepare them to go back into the "real world". Now, some of them have been there forever and a day but some go home eventually. Maybe that helps?
  16. michelle95

    No Overtime Pay after Forty Hours

    The law is supposed to apply to salaried nurses...which anyone taking a salary knows they aren't getting overtime anyway. The only problem I see is for nurses that have to work mandatory overtime. But, hospitals would be insane to jump on this wagon. With the "shortage" already in swing, nurses would not put up with this and the facilities know this.

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