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Hi everyone, i am a registered in the philippines. And being a nurse in montreal needs to take french exam and crne in oiiq. But before taking these exams, i need to save money first. Could you give me advices on how to use my nursing experience here in montreal before taking up the exams required? Thanks


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Try to contact agency that can give you a work as a caregiver. Ask them, if possible to give you an assignment in a hospital.

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Are you here legally with some kind of work visa?

Caregiver agencies wouldn't do hospital placements.


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Hi crazedemz! I'm also an rn from philippines and planning to go to quebec as an immigrant. Pls let me know if you're able to look for a job that allows you to use your nursing skills while preparing for the french language and nursing licensure exams.. I'd like to know more about the real life and work situations in quebec and how can nurses like us adapt to it. ^_^


7 Posts too im from the philippines and applied for quebec skilled worker...may docs are still in the process right now.. I also want to know what to expect when i get there..thanx


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Im from quebec, as my username says. You should expect to know how to speak french. You must get your lisence by les ordres des infirmiers du quebec. I will keep you updated in march..politically stuff havent been good with the charters of religious signs but the government is still discussing whether or not to ban them. The healthcare system may go very bad if the charter of values applies because a large number of our nurses wear the hijab or the turban


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I love Quebec but how come everyone wants to work there? Is it the only province that allows foreign workers? I'm Half French Canadian and people in Quebec still hate me for having horrible French hahaha! I couldn't imagine coming from another country, not being able to speak French at all and working there.


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Because they have their own immigration programme. A few posters have even asked if they go to PQ can they work on Ontario, how long do they have to stay, etc.

It appears that any method of getting to Canada is under consideration. Over the years posters have described the weather, the political situation, language dilemma, but have been accused of being negative, racist, an jelluz h8trs (couldn't resist, sorry mods). You know, prayer and belief in God will over rule the conditions in la belle province.

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Fiona, as much as the rest of Canada resents the use of Quebec as a back door to PR status, believe me, as a French Canadian born and raised in Quebec, it drives me pretty crazy too.

I don't think these people realize the severity of the political climate. I don't think they realize how offensive their approach to immigration is. I mean, you really want to move to Quebec? That's where you want to make a new life for yourself? Fine, great, go about it the proper way. And good luck to you. But going there because you think you can use that to move to another province? Ugh...


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People will do and live anywhere to get to greener pastures even if local people get screwed in the shortrun.. I am all for hiring if there is no canadian worker who can do the same job...

Fiona : jelluz h8ters.. Hahahaha love it


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Equinoxe Life Care is always hiring PAB's. Knowing French is not a requirement.

Equinoxe postes jobs and hire candidates using Indeed. The website is: Job Search Canada | one search. all jobs. Indeed

The Equinoxe Life Care web site is: Equinoxe LifeCare | Home Care, Organizational Health, Technology-Based Care

Good luck.

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