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  1. Enlightenedx

    Nursing pre reqs

    All the best to you, it seems busy but trust me, you will succeed :)
  2. Enlightenedx

    So my family does not approve me to go into nursing..

    You guys gave me hope in pursuing my dreams again!! Thank you!!
  3. Enlightenedx

    Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

    Whatever the title, i am more concerned on how they are treated rather than what they are called
  4. Enlightenedx

    So my family does not approve me to go into nursing..

    Thank you very much 'the commuter' for your wonderful advice . I just turned 19, and i received a scholarship, so during my BSN, i will be able to pay for my residence and my school fees with that scholarship Thank you so much once again :)
  5. Enlightenedx

    Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

    She said they dont want her to work because she wears a muslim scarf! Of course im shocked!! I care about other people's right Its like not accepting someone to work because he is black I mean, im originally quebecois born and i thought this was only...
  6. Enlightenedx

    Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

    Im so shocked, so what are you planing to do with your degree ? You know there are muslim countries that would be really happy to get you
  7. Hello everyone I have been very depressed since yesterday. I am working so hard in doing my pre requisites but my family doesnt approve my choice of becoming a nurse . They say its too much stress and pressure and they see me more in education im so...
  8. To be honest, its not much different than american salary. Housing in dubai is very expensive. They do favour western degree holders ,but believe it or not, they have some race issues there. What i mean by this is that they may favor this nationality...
  9. Enlightenedx

    Hello from a student nurse in Iran

    Befarmo khoshomadeed ! (Welcome in farsi). Alright my farsi is not perfect ,i just have a bit of iranian blood in me. Welcome to the forum !!
  10. Hello Can someone recommend the cheapest LPN basic nursing diploma online? Thank you
  11. Enlightenedx

    Alternative majors?! Out of motivation.

    Honestly, i think you will get admitted with all these info Stop worrying :) I thought you had failures and stuff lol but you have amazing grades. Keep up the good work
  12. Exciting!
  13. Enlightenedx

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    Hopefully starting BSN at either 19 or 20
  14. Enlightenedx

    pre nursing

    You will have to check with your school because over here they dont count those pre requisites as nursing credits
  15. Enlightenedx

    Nursing Program Student to Pre-Nursing Student

    Thanks for this tip , as a future nurse student i will take your advice and write myself a letter and read it whenever i feel discouraged or stressed All the best