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  1. Trishrpn80

    Online RPN to RN via Nipissing University

    Its only offered FT in person. Doing it Through distance ed can only be done PT (2 classes a semester). If you complete the first semester you can get permission to do 3 or more classes. I do my electives through Athabasca as well.
  2. Trishrpn80

    rpn/lpn to RN fastest option

    I am working on year 3 courses. i call them that because its then3rd yr courses in the FT program (level 3000) hopefully that makes sense. The costs can be found ar nipissing website RPN Bridging Program - Distance | Nipissing University
  3. Trishrpn80

    Nipissing RPN to BScN blended program

    The costs of school can be found pm their website. RPN Bridging Program - Distance | Nipissing University
  4. Trishrpn80

    RPN to RN online?

    Only Athabasca requires so many hours prior to applying. No experience necessary in Ontario
  5. Trishrpn80

    Bridge from Rpn to BScN

    I do the Nipissing Program. They give you up to 7 yrs to complete but they have a program map that splits it up over 5 yrs. i personally love The school and the support and i can take time off if needed. Counseling is Also available to the distance ed Students which is awesome since most schools dont have that option. The only non online classes are clinicals.
  6. Trishrpn80

    RPN to RN Part time Ontario

    The program isnt like a traditonal competitive nursing program because they can accept more students since its part time. You can be employed or get your employer to sign up after you have a job. While waiting or whatever you can do stats and electives at athabasca and it transfers over. Nipissing is very supportive and i love it there. Its a smaller university so the staff is way more supportive than i have found at other schools. I have had multiple health issues pop up and they have been awesome so i didnt worry about school and could focus on getting healthy
  7. Trishrpn80

    RPN to RN online?

    The only in person portion at Nipissing is the clinicals. You alsp have to be employed woth a partner agency or get your employer to sign up as a partner agency.
  8. Trishrpn80

    Urinary catheterization and wound care-where to learn

    I think smith and nephew has a wound care academy online module. Teaches you how to assess wounds etc.
  9. Trishrpn80

    "Working in LTC = Loss of Skills."

    All nurses are valuable.. LTC nurses utilize different skills and the same goes for Psych, L&D, med/surg, palliative etc. i do not see things as a loss of skill but acquiring new ones. All areas utilize nurses with different skills and no one area is better than anywhere else. Thats the beauty of this profession we can learn lots of different skills and move around if we desire.
  10. Trishrpn80

    RPN to RN Part time Ontario

    I attend Nipissing's program. If your employer is not a participating agency you can get them to sign up and be one. While awaiting on that you can do some electives etc. I love the Nipissing Program. I attended the Ryerson/Centennial RAC one and left after 2 semesters back in 2009 because it is in my opinon "sketchy" and i know people who got deceived. If you want any info about Nipissing let me know. I am a working single mom so i understand the need for pt studies
  11. Trishrpn80

    Athabasca Post LPN to RN - How long did it take you?

    All PN courses that you took go to your 30 credits that they count toward the 120 for a bachelors for the advance standing. Any university courses you may take extra would count as electives though
  12. Trishrpn80

    ADVICE for Students in Ontario RPN vs RN

    I agree. Everyone on the health care team is important and each role deserves respect. Without the cleaners the rooms would be a mess, without laundry services we would not have clean linens, without food services who would make our patients meals. We all need to see the value in each others work.
  13. Trishrpn80

    ADVICE for Students in Ontario RPN vs RN

    Actually it is allowed with the proper training along with accessing and deaccessing cvad's. We are trained to know what can go wrong. Rpns also are involved in codes. You are coming off as quite childish, uninformed, and most likely an rn student or new grad that was taught you are better than an rpn and be scared because we are taking your jobs. If you look at nursing history this has been going on for over 100 years. Md's were scared RN's would take over, RNs scared lpn/rpns would take iver, and rpns scared psw's will take over. Everyobe on the health care team is important. Your title doesn't make you any better than the next. I have seen plenty of rns and rpns that i wouldnt let babysit my cat.
  14. Trishrpn80

    RPN to BScN program

    There may be a required GPA but I don't think so. Some programs like Centennial/ryerson require a 3.0 gpa to enter into the ryerson portion but this school isnt like that. The program is a part time program. They give the plan over a 5 yr period to complete. You can go faster. After the firs semester you can do more than the 2 classes required so you can finish earlier. Mine will be 3 yrs. if it all goes well. The longest you can take is 7 yrs. This program is designed for people who work ft but like i said you can go faster if you prove you can handle an increased load without compromising your grades.
  15. Trishrpn80

    Looking for work in Alberta? Don't give up...

    Flying change: where did they post the job? Workopolis? Indeed? I havent seen any positions.
  16. Trishrpn80

    ADVICE for Students in Ontario RPN vs RN

    Lori - the above troll ahem i mean poster is also stating that RPN's lack critical thinking skills. Oh well this lowly RPN is now leaving this thread until someone else actually wants to provide useful comments or has a valid question. I abide by what the zoo tells me so i am no longer feeding the troll