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Woot! I got the jo-ob, I got the jo-ob...


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:w00t:The call came this afternoon. They want me to start Feb 1. I'll be at a very small elementary school (300 students), part time, just 3 days a week, 6hrs a day, job sharing with another nurse. After 2 years in a very chaotic urban-suburban middle school, this will be such a relief. I was almost ready to quit nursing altogether! :cheers:

Sounds PERFECT!!! COngrats!

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Woo Hoo! Congrats and welcome to elementary!


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Happy for you!! I am sure that is a relief!

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yippee-kyooo-kyaaaaa !! :yeah:

best wishes to you on your new job !!

praiser :heartbeat


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have fun, it sounds a little like my school, 260 kids, but we are pvt pk3-8grd.



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Thank you very much. I have been a nurse for 32+ years and I had about given up hope. I was in NICU for years and years, then triage for a long time. Working long shifts and overnights nearly ruined my mental and physical health. Then I took an overwhelming job as a school nurse in a very difficult urban-type school and really burnt out. I haven't worked in a year and I really thought my career was over. Well, never say never. :nurse: Once a nurse, always a nurse. I won't be making much money(as compared to nurses in a hospital) but I think the lower stress-level and part-time day time hours will be perfect for me and my family.