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Hello all....

I have been attempting to gain some sort of employment while I wait out my situation with the BON. Due to my diverting meds from work, I was charged with one felony count for "Theft of Drugs" a forth degree felony. I qualified for a Treatment in Lieu of conviction program, so no "conviction" of a felony shows on a background check. However, it does show a pending felony case that is unresolved. This will be removed once I finish my probation, but that will be at least 9 months from now.

I have applied for several positions at Davita, and have gotten two calls from two different offices. Both conversations were with the hiring manager and both seemed very interested in me. I have interviews set up with both offices.

I know that Dialysis seems to be recovery friendly, but what about the felony charge? Do they have the option of hiring despite that, or since they are such a big company, do they have a policy of not hiring anyone with a felony issue? Should I just give up the idea of working there at all? Thanks for any input you may have for me.

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Hello!!!! Welcome to the Nurses and recovery forum! OMG, you are telling my story! Word for word in fact. I too was facing one count felony four charge theft of drugs, and got the drug court program that would expunge my record in one year, again....not convicted, just charged...expunged as of June 2010 (WOOT!) You're not in ohio are you!? that would make the similarities too freaky! LOL

Paging WadeRN, WadeRN.....he and I went through this exact process too (with davita, though his story is a bit different, its also kind of the same outcome)

Here's the bad news. I went through the process locally as well, the hiring manager LOVED me and was very enthusiastic to hire me....signed some papers, did the drug screen, all the "on-boarding" process, until one day I didn't hear any more from them, just that the on boarding process seemed to slow down for some reason at a corporate level and the hiring manager was confused and didn't know what was going on either. So we waited. And waited. Then one day, like two weeks into the process (after like a month with the interviewing, the 4hr job shadowing, etc) I called THEM (corporate, out in Denver, CO) and got some generic answer about "going with another candidate"...blah blah blah. Oh wait, I've posted this story somewhere, here is the copy and paste...

Davita is the local big name in dialysis in my area. I feel dialysis is a verrrry recovery friendly area, not to mention my entire career was med-surg RENAL (I did CAPD and took care of the hemodialysis patients on the floor) I got through the interview, the job shadowing, the second interview, got the offer (WOOT, right? waaaait for it) got the position and the contract approved through the BON, signed the contract, was in talks about start date and going away to training....and got caught up in the background check. I was up front and COMPLETELY honest about EVERY single detail of my history, and I still came across as the best person for the job, the clinical manager LOVED me, and was willing to give me that chance. Anyhow, a week into waiting for the drug screen and background check to come through, someone from corporate in COLORADO called to ask me a few questions about my history, I told them EVERYTHING (again, still have nothing to hide, am upfront and honest about everything), faxed everything I could find about what was what, but was told my "case" would have to go before "a committee" to approve employment....TWO WEEKS later (last friday) I was told the committee decided NOT to move forward with the on-boarding process and really did not give me a better reason why not. I was too dumb founded to ask. I am considering calling back and getting some real answers. (got the "we just wanted to keep our option open and search out another candidate, blah blah blah)

So another nurse on here (WadeRN) also went through "the committee" and got similar results.

I hope I am not freaking you out. I think if I were where you are now, my heart would be sinking....that is NOT my intention!!!!! I wish I hadn't been blindsided by what happened to me though. I was really dumbstruck. I signed contracts! I got through the BON approving the position! I went through the drug screen! I signed up for 401k and health benefits! Everything was in place, then SMACK! So I want you to prepare for the worst, but of course, I am sure they do hire some nurses in recovery....I did have a friend there (at davita, in recovery) but her recovery came after she had been with them for years, and her addiction did not involve a felony or legal charges. You may want to consider their working conditions too....check out over at the specialty/renal forum....they have a reputation for overworking and underpaying their employees....which I was willing to go with anyhow, to get a job in the first place, but now see that my Higher Power had other plans for me, and it may have been a blessing that I did NOT end up there...or not, we'll see.

In fact, I do have a job now....I started it four weeks ago with another dialysis company (CDC, it is local in the Cleveland area, they work with lots of nurses in recovery)

I was told that it is difficult for anyone to get any job with that felony pending. Especially difficult in healthcare, because (this is what I was told....don't quote me, I don't have an official source) that anyone who recieves government funding risks their reimbursement if they employ anyone who has a felony charge. So I wasn't even recieving calls back from my applications, but I didn't know that until way late in my search. In fact, as soon as the felony was expunged, I started getting mad calls for interviews. (ok, not MAD calls, but certainly a lot more) So again....I don't want to discourage you, but know that there is hope at the end. I had to wait tables at the Waffle House until my probation was over. My Higher Power still provided for me and my family, we never went without...we never lost our home, our cars, and the kids did not suffer. Not all of us are that lucky, I know, but I do believe that it all is for a reason in the end.

I wish you the best of luck. I am sure this post is a million percent a downer, a negative, I hope you don't read it that way. Remember, your sobriety comes first!!! Turn it over, and God will get you where He wants you. Please share more about your story!!! Keep us updated about your Davita story....I am especially curious about the outcome. GOOD LUCK! xo Michelle

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NO, not a downer at all. Just wondering if I should make huge efforts at this point to try to get on there. And yes, I am in Ohio. :lol2:

I did receive Treatment in Lieu of Conviction. One felony count for "theft of drugs" a fourth degree felony. The hospital I worked with was very generous, they could have charged me with so much worse. Thankful to the Higher Power for that!

How long of a probation did you receive through the criminal court? I am lucky enough to be working right now, but at least half of what I was making in Nursing. Like you, we are holding on to everything right now. My husband is still employed and has been a **saint** about the entire thing! I don't know what I would have done without him. :)

There are some private dialysis companies here so I might try to get a tech job there. Just want to start securing something so that when I do get my license reinstated, I might be able to just transfer to RN status. I do have quite a few contacts at the Davita place here, so I was going to call on them to see if they could put in a good word for me.

I have 15 years of critical care experience, mostly ER. I have read some of your posts, and I think we have a LOT in common....looking forward to talking to you soon.:D

I was wondering if anyone knew how I should interpret the ORC 2953.52?

It says that only the prosecutor and myself will know of ANY part of my arrest of history. Does that mean when I apply for other jobs that require fingerprints I am fine? I just worry that somehow even with dismissed charges there is a way that certain employers could receive information from my arrest.


I was wondering if anyone was able to find employment? I am also from NE Ohio, just got my felony expunged, and looking for work. Help!!! I do have a narcotic restriction.

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I was wondering if anyone was able to find employment? I am also from NE Ohio, just got my felony expunged, and looking for work. Help!!! I do have a narcotic restriction.
What was your outcome?
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I too went through the same scenario, but did not even make it past the background check. They saw my misdemeanor and all talks halted. I too was given a contract, salary, "met the team" but HR put the brakes on fast. I disclosed ABSOLUTELY everything, the nursing director that hired me was fine with all of that especially since it was 14 years ago. I surrendered my license because I could not afford the peer assistance program. I was reinstated last year from BON with no restrictions and guess what I CAN NOT find a job! I am a OR nurse with specialty in Neurosurgery, Level I trauma and Ortho/Spine and no one will touch me. I am very disappointed that no one will return my calls. I live in a very rural, white conservative location and there is not a lot to choose from here. Any ideas. The prejudice is terrible to deal with.

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Dialysis is very recovery friendly- they don't administer any narcs.

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Oh by the way I also know someone who also had a felony on her record and she was hired.

Hi, I'm so glad I found this website..

I also work in dialysis - Fresenius here I. Mississippi.. however my case is a little different .. my case with the board of nsg hasn't come up yet.. I self reported to the board last Feb but it was after I had left an impatient rehab program.. to make a long story short- I entered a rehab program in nov 2015 after I had almost overdosed on alcohol and opiates , it was a 3 month program and I left after 60 days - I know, dumb right .. looking back I know I was just scared.. scared of reporting to the board, my husband and I were on the brink of divorce , felt bad I was leaving my 9 year old son and 15 y/o daughter without their mom... the day after I left rehab I had a strong sense of my higher power telling me I need to self report , so I did.. I was thinking my case would be in the works by now , but last March I received a devastating call from the DEA stating I had been reported by a pharmacist for prescription fraud!!!

yes, I diverted opiates on my home health job - I admitted that in rehab and to the board, but I never committed rx fraud..

After getting verbal approval from the MD, I called in a rx renewal of Ativan and Xanax on 2 patients , these pts had these meds prn on their chart , I did this like all other HH nurses did since benzo's don't require a written rx, however those 2 times I didn't document it in their record , and the MD is denying given me the verbal order... it's a big mess!!

I hired a lawyer , we've met with the DEA once and we haven't come to a written statement yet.. they have on record from the rehab facility where I admitted to diverting opiates .. so of course they think I committed rx fraud.. benzo's we're not my drug of choice- my urine screen from rehab doesn't show benzo's, only opiates..

my lawyer is trying to work up a deal with the DEA and they are considering me having pretrial diversion - no felony on my record..

in the meantime my RN license is active . I was hired with Fresenius back in August and I really like the job. I was upfront with my clinical manager, told her I had been to rehab, and even completed a 10 week outpatient program.

We are just waiting on the board and the DEA.

Im afraid I will lose my job , even if the DEA chooses pretrial diversion.

I'm taking it day by day, going to AA NA meetings , etc.. been sober a year this past Dec..

So sorry this post is so long..I'm glad to know that someone has a job with dialysis even with a felony on their record..

it gives me hope

If i have a board order from nursing am i going to be able to work as a patient care technician instead of nurse and is it still going to show up on the background check and going to be an issue? What kind of information is shown from background check at fresnuis or davita dialysis?

From what I know about Fresenius , the back ground check shows any arrests or convictions.

my case hasn't started yet and I'm not even sure if I will be able to keep my job as a nurse there after my case comes up- especially with the DEA. I know it will depend on if I get a pretrial diversion- that will keep a felony off my record as long as I abide by whatever my probation is. Good luck!

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