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aflahe00 has 7 years experience and specializes in Med/surg/ortho.

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  1. Should I resign, or wait it out?

    I wouldn’t resign that looks guilty. Unintentional admission of guilt
  2. What defines addict

    Your an addict if you cannot stop taking drugs or drinking despite adverse consequences. The addict continues to use to the point where it takes over Or affects their life. They keep using drugs or alcohol even tho they know it will cause them proble...
  3. What shows up on license after probation?

    There won’t be details it will just say in what way you were disciplined, for you it will simply say probation. I don’t even think it has the time frame or year the probation was imposed. You will have to explain all the details, because there won’t ...
  4. Ok so your license doesn’t show that you had disciplinary action taken against it? If it was just a fine I’m confused why your worried about limitations.
  5. You said you have No limitations, weren’t suspended, and license wasn’t revoked. So what was the discipline, probation? Nurses whose license have been disciplined have a permanent “mark” on their license. Employers will see it when they do backround ...
  6. Non-Medical Career Change

    I am in the same situation and I wonder the same. What are my options now that I surrendered my license. Can I obtain licensure in another field?... from what I have read, most likely no. From what I understand anything that doesn't require a license...
  7. I’m being investigated by the BON!

    The board won’t look at it as “just missing meds and poor documentation” they will think, as any one would, that you have been diverting narcotics and your an addict. Getting them to think otherwise will be very difficult considering the evidence.
  8. I’m being investigated by the BON!

    Well this is what needs to happen Get a lawyer right away and Know that this will not just go away. You will have to write a letter of explanation to the board as I’m sure you read in your letter. You have one chance and limited time to explain your...
  9. Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Why are we focusing on blame and not at all on process improvement? I am shocked by some of these responses honestly. I am a nurse I’ve worked in the hospital environment for years and I know it’s not a perfect place. nurses are basically puppets to ...
  10. Nurse Charged With Homicide

    No because he would likely blame the nurse for any mistake ?
  11. Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Taking away her nursing license most definitely would destroy her life, make no mistake about that.
  12. registered nurse to ultrasound tech

    You shouldnt assume, its far from irrelevant. Almost the exact same course work aside from the clinicals
  13. I just need some input here from anyone who has any information that could help my friend. Basically she surrendered her nursing license, doesnt matter why, but now wants to pursue licensure for diagnostic medial sonography. Does anyone know if havin...
  14. Settlement and final order

    So you have to pay a fine and do some hours of education but then it's done. I'm assuming that's all your punishment was? You have no idea how worse it could be lol.
  15. Rehab Success Rate???

    well its not good to be honest but probably higher than say for the public. Addiction recovery overall isnt good at all but perhaps this is because of the lack of resources available and of coarse the stigma. some people, like me, for example didnt k...