Withdraw from nursing 1 or stay in?


Hi everyone,

I have a dillemma.

I just took my 3rd exam and got 60 (there were family issues during the two weeks and.. sigh)

Bc I did horribly on my first exam, it is still affecting me horribly (plus this recent one).

However, I was able to bring it upto 80 on my second exam.

There is 4th exam (18.75% for final grade) and final exam (20% for final grade),

should I still stay in and try my best?

I need to get at least 80 on each 4th and final exam to pass.... and move onto nursing 2.

There is a month left for me to study... (4th exam and final exams are only 1 week apart!!!)

What should I do?

Should I take my chances? or withdraw with a W?

I have already talked to my professor and she said its my choice, and told me reinstating is very tough and

it depends on the pool.....

Please help me... =(

bsyrn, ASN, RN

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Study Study Study...I would not drop out at this time, you may not get back in. You can do it :)

akanini, MSN, RN

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I always say, "Fight it to the END!."

Stay in and study HARD.

VioletKaliLPN, LPN

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fight to the end!!! an 80 is doable, you can do it. get those books open, forget about that 60, and keep moving forward. that 60 is past you now, work on really knowing the info for your next exam and ace it!


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You can TOTALLY do it! Don't quit!! You've got plenty of time...now get busy :0)


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Since she said reinstatement is tough and you would have to go through that process anyway if you fail, go for it. Study around the clock. Get the help of a tutor or a fellow classmate that is acing the course. Offer to pay your classmate. Sell your firstborn son to them to help you. Do everything possible. But clear your mind and set your personal problems aside. They won't help you pass, as you can already see. Good luck.


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I would ask and see if you can withdraw after the fourth exam. Some schools allow this. In the interim, study as much as possible, then make a choice (if possible) after the fourth exam. For example, if you do very well on the fourth exam, I would definitely take the final. If you should happen to perform poorly on the fourth exam, I would drop the class then if it's an option.

MrsMig, BSN, RN

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In my opinion, I would NEVER consider withdrawing, never!

akanini, MSN, RN

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OP, what's your decision? Keep us posted!

Same thing happened to me...My grandfather passed away. My first two exam grades were HORRIBLE! I brought it up to a C on my third, and wound up having to get at least a 71% on my comprehensive final. I studied harder than I ever have before...wound up getting an 84!!!!! I was so proud :). Keep your head up, study as much as you can, and do the best you can do. Trust me...if I can do it, anyone can! :)


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I hope you stick with it. I BOMBED anything relating to the respiratory system in Med Surg. I have since brought my grade up to a nice, solid B. (With the added bonus that I a little light bulb FINALLY light up in my head and I "get" resp. now. WOOHOO!) Put what's behind you and move on. 80% is SO doable!!!

You can do it! :D