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-This week (or rather last week) I found myself wishing I'd joined a boxing gym instead of a regular gym. Lifting weights is great, but I'd probably get more satisfaction picturing someone's face on a heavy bag and punching the bag until my knuckles bleed.

If you get a chance to go to a boxing gym, DO IT! Although your knuckles wont bleed :) you may findi it even more satisfying than you think! I know of at least 6 nurses (besides me) that box or kickbox.

I love it!

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Tempting! I'm so tired of the BS at my job.

If you like Peds, working in one of the highest areas of poverty in the country, a for-profit with a newly minted Union and like the Mid-Atlantic, you are always welcome...they are hiring! :up:

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I would love that! Thank you! I look forward to seeing it! [emoji5]️

Your welcome! I'll post soon or by Sunday. :D



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If I can figure out how to add one, il send to your inbox.

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I deleted the app from my phone because I'm not posting as much, and when I went to reinstall it...it is GONE!

I've learned I may cry over this.

No more app? What gives?

I worked crazy hours all week and haven't read any farther than this yet, so forgive please if this is redundant information. If you haven't already found it on your own, here's a link to the install file for iPhone: allnurses apk - Download Android APK GAMES & APPS for iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPhone 5, iPhone 6

Here it is for android if that's what you need: allnurses APK Download - Free Social APP for Android | APKPure.com

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"Hello, I'm meanmaryjean... Commencement means "beginning"..."

That's awesome. I wish we all could come. Wouldn't that be great? :D

I. Cant. Even. Just picture us all loose in Vegas!!!!!!!!!! Way to Go MMJ!!!!