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Sorry if I put this in the wrong spot... I'm super new

I'm not a new grad yet. I am just about to start my prereqs. I have a family to support, so ideally I would like to have a job at least while I finish my prereqs. I would love to end up in ICU (I know what you're thinking but I thrive on crazy.. no seriously... you should meet my family) Anyways, my question is; If I get my Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) certification and do that part-time while I go to school do you think that would help prepare me for ICU or help me get a job in ICU when I graduate or is my time better spent trying to volunteer in an ICU. We could get by without my income if volunteering would be the better choice but it is nice to be able to afford a night out with the hubby sometimes.

Any input would be wonderful.

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In my opinion being an EMT would help you get into an ED but not so much an ICU. EDs and ICUs are two very different beasts, and working as an EMT is directly related to emergency care. In my area you actually HAVE to be an EMT to work in the ED, but on the other hand, that is also the only hospital department that will hire you. You might be better off volunteering in the ICU or asking if the ICUs in your area hire CNAs at all.

I just got hired into a new grad program in the ICU. I had taken an EMT course and gotten licensed years ago. I did have that information on my resume. When I was in my interview I was asked about this. I have no idea if it helped me in obtaining the position or not. I also have a BS in speech pathology which they were also interested in. If nothing else it may get you a foot into the ER which could then lead to ICU.

Thank You both for your input! This gives me something to think about :rolleyes:

Into ED yes, EMT does help quite a lot. Who knows about ICU, you'd have to back up that EMT with some amazing grades, interview, and pure luck ...

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NREMT-P (as in paramedic) with actual street time likely will be of help. EMT-B probably not at all. A PCA job in the ICU would be an advantage.

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I actually DO think ANY previous medical experience WILL help.

Please look at websites of larger, academic hospitals. They spell out criteria for nurse internships in ICU for new grads. (I specifically have looked at Methodist Hospital in Houston).

Keep your GPA UP!!

You have to EARN those spots.

Whatever job you land after graduation, you can tx into critical care after a year with no problem if you are doing well on floor. A step down unit might be a great place to start.

My, you are eager :-)

Don't worry, you will make it happen!

Good luck!

Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback!

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