Why does Sonography pay more than nursing?


Nurses have a way heftier workload and funnier hours. Why do you suppose sonographers make more money than nurses?


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Do they? Do you have a link to some stats?


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9 out of 10 times nurses are going to be get paid more.

You have more opportunities in nursing to advance your career compare to a sonographer or RT. It takes a special person to become a nurse. Do whatever is going to make you happy instead of worrying about money. I'm going to be taking a $12/hr paycut to work as a CNA because I want to get experience before I start nursing school. You can also find a job easier as a nurse compare to a sonographer.


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They don't make THAT much more. It's still a 2-4 year degree to become one, and the room for growth is minimal by comparison to all the doors opened when you get a BSN.

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Nurses make $2-4 more per hour where I live.


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I'm sure that there are instances where a sonographer makes more than an RN, but they don't make more generally. As a nurse you can earn a much higher salary the longer you're a nurse. With Sonographers, it caps out quickly. I researched sonography as career & the salary stats hold true regionally and nationally.


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I work at a hospital that pays nurses the least out of most healthcare jobs. The RT's make more money, as do sonographers and the CT & MRI technologists. All of those positions also top out at more than nurses do at my hospital.

Nursing opens more doors though.. for the most part. But if a nurse is walking in with an ADN degree, there is no reason why they should be making more money than another healthcare professional who has an associate technical degree.

Nurses will have a hard time demanding a higher salary until the profession as a whole becomes more "professional" and demands that nurses have a bachelors degree for entry-level positions.

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nurses earn more in my area

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I know some nurses that are also sonographers.

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Yes they earn more in my area.


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Perhaps intially, but in the long run I would think nurses make more. Also there is more room for development and advancement in nursing than technical areas like sonography. The people I talk to in those areas say they love their jobs, but also express that once they max out on salary thats it. Not much further they can go after that.