Why did ITT change their name?


DHello all. I attended new student orientation today at ITT Tech and was told that they changed their name to Breckinridge College of nursing. Does anyone know why they changed their name? I asked and I thought the answer I was given was way to brief and they looked at eachother when I asked. I'm putting so much money into this and changes make me nervous lol.


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What was the answer they gave? Is ITT Tech an accredited program? They are not quite yet accredited in my state.


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Sorry for all the typos in my previous post, I was typing on my cell phone lol. Anyway, they told me the reason they changed to Breckinridge is because ITT Tech is a tech college and they need a nursing college. That is a very guarded answer to me and just doesn't make any sense. Renaming a college is a big step. They have to change all of their paperwork, they have to contact the board of nursing, they have to change the name on the website....all of this is just a short list of a long list. So, I don't believe their answer. And ITT Tech is accredited through the state only. A nursing school can't get NLN accredited until they have their first graduating nursing class sit for the NCLEX. But, they were on the list to get NLN accreditation. I'm worried that this "change in name" may change the way they are doing everything.


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I wonder if it has anything to do with the bad reputation in general ITT Tech has in many places ...

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I don’t think it has anything to do with their reputation. Indiana Business College changed their name to Harrison College. I think the main reason the school chose to do that was because they no longer were interested in their current business model. Can you imagine being on the floor and asking a student what school she/he attends and they respond to Indiana Business College. What would be your first thought? Historically, Indiana Business College offered business degrees in several areas. Now that they are branching into other areas, it makes sense to change the name to reflect their new offerings. In fact, Harrison College is in the process of obtaining regional accreditation (The same accreditation as IU, Purdue, Harvard, ect…) Perhaps ITT is pursuing the same.

If I am not mistaking, I think ITT is accredited by NLNAC. You may want to double check to make certain your campus is accredited. If so, then I think it will be fine.

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I will be honest and say it because of the bad reputation ITT has. ECPI also changed their name, or should I say they added "University" to it.

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Because "ITT Tech" on a resume is a ticket to the circular filing bin.

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Some larger schools have also purchased smaller 'terrestrial' colleges in recent years. This has led to a merger (changing names), and enabled the purchaser to acquire the accreditation of the purchased college.


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Because "ITT Tech" on a resume is a ticket to the circular filing bin.

I have heard from human resources peeps that this is true.

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ITT is that bad? That HR reps automatically dismiss it like that? Why is that..can anyone explain the basis of their bad rep?


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I go to ITT Tech in WV (Breckinridge) The name wasn't changed completley, it was changed to Breckinridge School of Nursing @ ITT. The reason being that we need to be seperate from the rest of the schools @ ITT (because te nursing program isnt JUST a technical program and it has different requirements and rules than the rest of the programs.) Breckinridge was a nursing pioneer from KY.