Why does everyone want to work in the icu


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I just don't get why everyone loves the icu so much. what's the big deal?

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The big deal is that it's fast-paced, complex and requires the nurse to have detailed, in-depth knowledge and application to look after critically ill patients that are hanging on to life by a thread. Some people love it, some people run away screaming. I've worked critical care for most of my career and I loved it but it is very stressful and demanding and you need to be on your game all the time.

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Everyone doesn't want to work in the ICU

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'Everybody' doesn't. But for those who do- the pace and the mental demands are satisfying.

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Ehhh I wanted ER not ICU. However, I am all for the new ER concepts popping up where the ER nurses are cross trained in ICU for the holdover of ICU patients we sometimes have. To me that's the best of both worlds and they are seeking the ER docs that went the ER/CC route for same reason.


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I never have and never will, want to work ICU.

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Not "everyone" wants to work in the ICU - sheesh.

I work in the NICU. It appeals to me because I like having complete control over my babies well-being, everything is strictly and closely monitored. I like being near my babies and having to have the knowledge and skill to act quickly. The medical team trusts my opinion and asks me for my imput on the patients care plan. A lot if it is watching and monitoring...but when something goes wrong I have to be right there to respond. I used to work adult med/surg and it was too hectic and busy to have the close control that we have in the ICU setting...there was no way to meet every patients need. I found the physicians couldn't give 2 rips about your opinion (where I worked anyway). Same reason ER never appealed to me....I like chaos to a degree...but controlled chaos :)