Why did you become a nurse?

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  1. Why did you become a nurse?

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      The challenge
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      a profession you could be proud of
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      the money
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      you have no idea why
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      you like to help people

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I'm going to be starting college soon, and I'm planning to have nursing as my major. I would just like to know from other nurses, what made you decide to become a nurse?

live4today, RN

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Hi Holly84,

First, welcome to Allnurses! :balloons:

I became a nurse to help people. Now, I could have chosen a bazillion other occupations to help people in many other ways, but medicine has always been an interest of mine, so here I am...a :nurse: :)

When will you start your nursing program?


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Well I will start college next fall, I'm trying to get a job at one of our hospitals but none of them are hiring. I'm thinking about volunteering at one, then they might give me a job. I'm just not sure if I have the time.

live4today, RN

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Well, whatever you decide to do, Holly, I pray all goes well for you! :balloons:

Keep the faith! :kiss


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For as long as I can remember ( @ 5 yrs. old ) I wanted to be a nurse. I had 2 aunts/nurses who were role models. Aside from the stress I've never regretted my career choice. Good luck in school.


Tweety, BSN, RN

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When I was 20 I was an admitted to the hospital for some inpatient tests. I was so impressed with the nurses there, how nice they were, but also how professional, and how the were the ones running the hospital. It was there the bug bit me.

15 years later, I finally had the opportunity to go to school. I'm happy I did. I can't imagine doing anything else.

Good luck to you!!!


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I want to make a positive difference in someone's life. Every single blessed day that I go to work. :D


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when i was 8 taking helping to take care of my dad, and then later when i was 16, helping my mother as she died of cancer. It seemed natural and fulfilling to be able to help care for someone and maybe somewhere along the way touch thier lives in a special way.


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In the beginning, for a steady income.

Why do I remain a nurse? By and large, it's a profession I am proud of. . . and I enjoy providing effective care to people. I enjoy being a positive force and support in someone's life as they go through "tough times". (Please know that I work in a facility that affords me the time and energy to provide this type of rewarding care. I'm grateful for this!)

Cheers to you! :)



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should I admit to this? I became a nurse cos it meant I could live in the nurses home and escape my mum!!! stuck with it cos I love it!


I want to be a nurse because its a guarnted job. My hubby is in the army and we move every 3 yrs. I learned the third move that I needed a career that is easy to transfer. No matter what state the army sends us to, I know that I will have no problem finding a job. I got tired of having to "look for work" and having to learn a new trade every few years. I also think that Nursing is a profession to be proud of, and it beats the hell out of waiting tables. :)

Grace Oz

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I became a nurse because I wanted a "real" job.

Not some boring, meaningless job.

I wanted more than "just a job".

I also think nursing is one way of letting God work through us as we use our skills & knowledge to help our fellow man / woman.

I'm nearing the end of my nursing /working career

& as I look back & reflect... I'm grateful for the

privileges & experiences nursing has afforded me.

I like to think that in some small way, I've helped make a difference in the lives of those entrusted into my care.

I hope I've been a supportive & loyal colleague to my fellow nurses. Some of whom are now my very dear friends.

After 34 years, regrets I have a few. But would I change any of it? YES & NO! Do I ever wish I'd chosen some other career? YES & NO! Would I do it all over again? HELL NO!... But I will be eternally grateful for the journey I've had as a nurse!!



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