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Who made it through their first week alive??!!


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you dont have to read everything! i do at least once, but i have a study group where each of us goes through a chapter and takes really good notes. if you will scan through the chapter before lecture and have the assigned reader send you those notes from whomever's turn it is, then you can print out the initial notes and add lecture notes to it (ideally).

truthfully, review the basic headings of each chapter before lecture. take notes--while reading and in lecture. the person responsible for in-depth reading will be a couple days behind; have them email the chapter notes to you and add your own outline and lecture notes.

my advice is that no more than 6 people are in the group (1 for each day and a 6th for backup) and don't let the rest of the class know about this group!!!!! otherwise, very nice people will see 'live prey' and try to get copies.

that's ok...if you are planning on telling these same colleagues how to do their job in 1-3 years!!!!!

tonight there is peace. no dark side, no fighting myself.

i am for a brief moment...nurseyoda!!!!

i am a male, not a female. so that's "brother" to you ;)

hmm, i'm still kind of wary about the study group idea. i'll take it into further consideration though. i sent you an email, btw.

Done and simply put, a tad overwhelmed at the paperwork. We (junior bsn students) changed from one clinical day a week to two, and that basically doubled our paperwork load. For 3 classes, I have something like 100 pages just of syllabi. HAHA. Anyway, it's all mapped out and on the calendar now. All I can do now is take it one day at a time.

I am a male, not a female. So that's "brother" to you ;)

Hmm, I'm still kind of wary about the study group idea. I'll take it into further consideration though. I sent you an email, btw.

I feel the same way, my fear is that someone wouldn't take their notes, or would take them and forget key points, so I think I would end up just having to do it myself anyways, but who knows, maybe I'll give it a try depending on the group.

Next week will be my classes eighth week, and we are ALL working together to help each other. It is pretty amazing to me, usually a loner when it comes to school work. It has literally saved me many hours. Also, I no longer read all of the chapters assigned to us. I take my own notes, work in workbooks that come with the book if any, and investigate anything I hear during lecture. I did this out of desperation, not because I am lazy, just no time to do all thats assigned.

There are some smokers in class, I used to be. They get ribbed by the teachers and other students, but it is in good humor, so far.

My pet peeve are the students that get all of the notes, answers to assignments, and handouts from other students. There are a few who rarely do any work at all. Some just sign their names at skills lab and walk out without doing the skills. I hope they are never my nurse.


I just finished my first week also (most of it orientation), and the professors said not to read the assigned readings but to read the introduction, summary, headings and kinda skim, then answer the questions in the back.

I'm just glad that I disciplined myself with that AP this summer...I have never had to study like that before, and now I realize that nursing school is going to be no different.


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LOL Yup hubby is a wee bit overwhelmed but he gave himself a head start by getting up to 7 chapters of the Nursing Fundamentals read before starting.

He still feels like he is behind.

Hang in there you are all doing great so far.

Set good study habits early.

My first week has been VERY overhelming!!!It sounds like the first semester is going to be intense. I am also having to take Micro. lecture/lab (my fault, I thought I could fit it in to the Nursing Program) I was too busy to even find this forum, thanks to my sister's findings for me, I know I am not alone!!! Good luck to everyone for week 2.


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Made it through 3 days and am sleepless over the 4th. Classes start in 7 hours and I'm sleepless here instead of in my bed.

I know how crappy smoking is and I've been trying to quit. I spent the summer working on it and discovered other issues that had a higher priority of resolution. I have not abandoned my goal of quitting smoking. It is terrible and I have tried all...gums, patches, filters, medication, cold turkey. Cold turkey is probably the best I am getting to where I need to be to kick this habit successfully for good!!

However, I believe that one or several of my 'helpful' classmates made a point of pointing out the 3 'obvious smokers' in the class after our lunch break on Day 1 to our instructor.

I'm not trying to excuse MY BAD BEHAVIOR, but our instructor who was pleasant on the first day now curls her lip in disgust if she has to respond to the 3 of us in class. I asked a question today and was grateful that looks can't kill. I am trying to kick my bad habits, but change is a process and doesn't take place overnight.

Advice ... Thanks Fellow Nurses!!!!

I'm 3 days "quitted"--taking Chantix. i was about a pack a day smoker, too.

Hmm, I'm still kind of wary about the study group idea. I'll take it into further consideration though. I sent you an email, btw.

I'm with you about study groups, I have done fine on my own these last 3 years. However, the teacher that makes out our clinical schedule asked us today to sign up for study groups by area of town, and she would organize them into suggested study groups of 4-5. My friend and I signed up together with brackets around our names so she will put us both with 2-3 others. I will try it for this semester, if it doesn't work for me I will go back to my own way of doing it.;)

I made it through my first week alive, but I think I am getting ready to get chewed up and spit out!! We recieved our lovely 54 page syllabus, and WOW!! 4 chapters to read this week with a test next week, 7 chapters to read next week with a test the next, it is totally crazy. I am also a smoker that is trying to kick the habit, and that is going to be a butt kicker also, but fast approaching age 35 and having smoked for 21 years I know I have to quit. My worst fear is figureing out how to study and remember all of this material while caring for 3 kids and a schizophrenic/bipolar/diabetic mother-in-law, with my husband on 2nd shift leaving at 1:30 pm and getting home 4:00 am. Guess I will definetly learn how to juggle..........always thought juggling would be fun to learn to do anyway.

I made it through alive and well. This weekend with the holiday will be reserved for reading, studying, going over objectives, etc. I am trying to get my study habits aligned so that when test time comes around, I won't break a sweat. I wish you all well this semester

I just got on Chantix too! I'm trying not to smoke much this week, but I don't get the full dosage until a week from today, so that's my official "quit date." I'm 28 and in otherwise good health, and started coughing up blood the other day - freaked out, went to the ER, and they diagnosed "acute bronchitis" and "substance abuse: tobacco." There was nothing else wrong with me, and quitting smoking was the only way to make it stop, they said. I went to my NP the next day and she wrote me the scrip for Chantix. Good luck to everyone else who's quitting! I've tried all the nicotine replacement therapies and none of them worked for me, but this is supposed to be really different. Oh yeah, I just finished my first week of school too! Second semester, but first with clinicals.

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Well... the first week has finally ended as of thirty minutes ago. I have mixed feelings about my program.

The amount of reading doesn't bother me at all, I've actually got myself into the habit of actually reading everything before class starts which is an accomplishment for me to not procrasinate. Anyways, it's a lot to read and I can handle it, but this dang Potter and Perry book is SO BORING to read. I guess being a current CNA has given me a LOT more experience than I realized. At least half the class lacks any healthcare experience which is OKAY! But... I hate to do a repeat of everything I do in a day's work at the hospital. I get really into it when we learn new things... so all in time. I guess I'm just a little bored reading about "effective communication" and "how to take a pulse." And I do realize I'm not the only one in the class, I just wish things would pick up a little.

I dont feel comfortable having so much pressure on us to do the simplest tasks like washing hands, taking temperatures. But again, I'm not the only one in the class. I'm just so READY to learn new things. We did start going over physical assessments... which I'm very excited about going more in depth into.

Today we spent the entire day doing drug calculations (which we've been doing all week). A few (maybe 20 out of 60) got checked off on bed making... the rest of us had to do math problems while they were out (which we all have down, FOR SURE) for the entire 8 hours of class. There's just so just such a huge gap in the teacher-student ratio that things take forever to get done... so today was wasted for me. I know that given a few weeks things will get more aggressive... I just can't wait!!!

I know things will start moving soon, I'm just so ready for it now!


I was on Chantix about 4 months ago, and it didn't work for me. I guess that I am the only fluke because my doctor said that EVERYONE he put on it quit, even a man that smoked 3 packs a day. I don't know what I done wrong, if anything. I started back on Welbuterin and I am going to get the Nicoderm CQ patch. I worked well for me last time until I run out and didn't have the money to buy more. Definetly let me know how the Chantix works for you and if it does what or rather how you do things. BTW......get ready for some funky funky dreams when you start full dose.

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I survived week 1...but it feels like I've been there for months instead of only four days :)

So much damn reading to do...


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I finished my first week of orientation. I am 49 years old tomorrow...Happy Birthday me":balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:...and I started getting weepy by the third day. I got weepy today too. Could it be perimenopause? I am feeling very overwhelmed. But I have some time to regroup and come back fierce! No Doubt!:angryfire:uhoh3:

I have alot of work to do. I have to work out a study schedule. I have to work out time management. Get some exercise in...stress buster exercises.. Every hour as far as I am concerned is going to be consumed!:uhoh3::uhoh3::uhoh3::uhoh3::uhoh3:

I'll be alright though.....


I survived the first week . . . basically . . . tomorrow is "open lab" so I will go do that (practice) but all my official classes are done for the week. Honestly ours isn't that intense so far! Not a ridiculous amount of reading, nothing much to "study" yet since I don't know what will be on our first test, and all the info on handwashing, bedmaking, and bedbaths was really basic, and we aren't being tested on that either. We didn't even have to practice, we just watched the instructor give a bed bath to a dummy and make an occupied bed. The vital signs we will be tested on, which is why I'm going to practice tomorrow on the dummies that we'll tested on. It's not hard, but then again not easy to be so exact!

I'm trying to get ahead on the classes that I can, because I know it's going to get a lot harder! As our lab instructor said, this holiday weekend, we can kiss summer good-bye and kiss our lives good-bye!


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