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My own daughter was 815 grams (wow, sounds positively huge compared to some on this discussion!) with no short- or long-term complications...just scored in the 99th percentile on her second grade Stanford-9 standardized testing. A good friend of hers was a 25- or 26-weeker and weighed about a pound (I met her mom on a listserv for parents of premies...we both had HELLP syndrome and found out we live close by). At the time (1993), she was the smallest baby born at her hospital and she's also doing great...


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I had my first born at twenty four weeks due to pre-eclampsia. She weighed 1lb. 6.9 oz and 11 1/2 inches long. 12 years old now and 140 lbs.


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We had a 27wk IUGR that weighed 450gm (15oz) a little over a month ago. On NC doing very well.....been off the vent for a while.


Today I saw a 272 gram baby (a little over 9 oz.). 25 weeker, IUGR. She's been alive for 3 days now. I couldn't believe how tiny she was! Not my patient, so don't know the whole story...not sure how I feel about this...


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Sorry it took so long to answer you.

yes, 450 , almost 24 weeks, and never intubated that's right.

I must say we never ever had that before or afterwards! This was atiny, hardfighting little girl!!

Well mostly the girls are the extrem fighters aren't they?

Teke care, Renee

I don't have my calculations (g-lbs) with me, but was this the little girl who weighed close to ~9oz? I had seen her story in People Magazine, she was born in either '89-'90. She was really a fighter, was a normal 2 year old when I read about her (it was a story from late '91). Is this the same baby?

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Today I saw a 272 gram baby

Oh my goodness I can't imagine how small that must be!

I thought the little 400gm 25 weeker I cared for was small!


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My hopsital had a 385 gram 27 weeker a while back. I don't know how she did because we were Hippa before Hippa was cool. :chuckle


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22 weeker...500 grams.


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the smallest baby i have ever seen was under 300gms...i think the lowest she got to was 290...then we stopped weighing her because she didn't tolerate that much stimulation. she was 24 wk severe iugr...you could see her heart valves open and close through her chest. she was under photo tx for almost a month, on the jet vent for about 2.5 months and another 2 months on conventional. she took forever to grow. she left our nursery at 6 months old, 4 lbs and 9 oz. no bleeds, she did have a surgery for rop before she left.

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This lad is one of a pair of identical twins born to a friend of mine at either 25 weeks or 27, don't recall which. Both weighed about 1 lb. at birth. The boy in the picture is holding up a certificate of excellence for his performance in math. He is now 16 years old, and 6' 1" tall!

One of the twins lost a lung when the vent caused it to rupture, and they were 4 months in hospital in total. They are now both happy, healthy young men, and both have jobs at a local store.

Great to hear these success stories!

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My Neice was born 3 months early and was about 3lbs, she showed signs of spinal meningitis for 2 weeks b4 the dr did anything about it, and also was jaundiced just about a month. now she is 9 and happy but she has cerebral palsy

She almost died many many times in the hospital and did one time for a few secounds


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Hi everyone,

I am the Primary nurse of a baby born at 24 weeks and who weighed 485g, Now, 9 months later he is still with us! He lives in the NICU, he has a trach, (he kept pulling out his tube when intubated and paralyzed his vocal chords) BUT, he's finally GOING HOME!!! (in a few weeks) It's funny though, not often do you see a 9 month old in the NICU! (being fed fruits and veggies by spoon!) Anyways, he's come a long way from 485g! See the pics :)

(before and after)

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