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wensday MSN, RN, APN, NP

NICU and neonatal transport
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wensday has 12 years experience as a MSN, RN, APN, NP and specializes in NICU and neonatal transport.

Happily married with a son born 09. I travel MILES to work in the biggest and best NICU around!

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  1. Thanks very much for you reply, that's great. Do you have a written policy?
  2. Hi there am doing a research proposal for my specialist degree on treatment of extravasation injury on peripheral IVs in neonates. Done a huge literature search and cannot find ANY trials, only case studies. Our local policy is cover with duoderm (AKA granuflex) hydrocolloid dressing and review regularly, this is even the really inflammed/tight/blackened/whatever sites where a load of lipid/dopamine/whatever has leaked. I know a lot of places use saline and/or hyaluronidase flushes. Is this drug specific, is it evidence based? Many thanks for any replies, Debs
  3. wensday

    Any UK NICU nurses here?

    Hi just a quick one cos I'm in work but here's a link to our parents information site: Frequently Asked Questions if you look through the letters on the left that covers some of the more basic stuff. Here is a link to the 'grown up' stuff! If you click Neonatal library on the left it gives you *some* of our guidelines, havewnt had a proper look through but its lots of information Neonatal Intensive Care - Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust HTH!! Debs x
  4. wensday

    Pregnant NICU nurse

    Hi just to update you all, I'm being induced on Friday after a discussion with the consultant obs. Will be 41+3. Thanks for all the advice x
  5. wensday

    Pregnant NICU nurse

    Thanks for your advice xx
  6. wensday

    Pregnant NICU nurse

    Thanks for thinking of me :) Am now 40+2, seeing the midwife today and then a possible USS on Monday because he is so big xx
  7. wensday

    Pregnant NICU nurse

    Sorry dawngloves that my post would upset you, it was obviously not intended in that way. I'm sure you know the majority of 36wkrs are absolutely fine, we do not routinely admit any 36 wkr, in fact most 35wk babies go home from the maternity ward. What I was trying to say was I wouldn't be as worried having a 36wk baby (on the 80th centile and no problems) than waiting to be induced at 42 weeks. This is only due to my experience which I know is much less than yours...
  8. wensday

    Transduce or not transduce?

    I'd agree with PPs too, when your waveform goes flat then it makes you inspect every mm of that line. We always transduce every UAC, but then we only use them for BP and bloods.
  9. wensday

    Pregnant NICU nurse

    Sorry if it read wrong, I don't want my baby to be prem just not to go too far over my dates. My friend was only induced at 42+2 at the same hospital I am booked in (a small local hospital) which I find scary- obviously I didn't say anything to her. Will discuss everything with the midwife today, I realise I'm being ridiculous and we only see the 1% of deliveries - of which I see the worst cases- but it's difficult with all this knowledge of what COULD go wrong. Oh and I also have SPD and a baby on the 80th centile so is going to be a difficult birth anyway....
  10. wensday

    Pregnant NICU nurse

    Ok so I work in a huge NICU and get all the bad cases from all over, when they get to HDU we send them back..so I see the worst case scenarios most of the time and don't get too much of feeding&growing etc. Was fine through the 23;24;25wk stage, looked after babies same gestation as mine and was ok. Happy when I hit 28wks cos in my head that's a relaxed admission IYKWIM. Now I'm 36wks and no sign of baby making a move. Would be so happy if baby was born tonight! All I can think of is all the HIE kids I've looked after. I would rather have a 30wkr than a post-term baby any day. Have had LOADS of HIE babies because we are one of the only places that cool, it always seems to be me looking after the ones that turn out to be severe HIE and have discontinued care on so many of these poor babies. Wondering what I can possibly say to the midwife tomorrow to convince her that I cannot possibly wait until 42wks to be induced. Any ideas besides actually crying to her? Thanks for reading xx
  11. OK I kept it together pretty well until the fingernail one! Bodily fluids are fine, you can always wash up, but that fingernail thing made my toes curl! thank God I haven't experienced these things! Worst I think was when I worked in a nursing home and went to wake and dress etc a woman for breakfast. Went up and she was on the landing, naked apart from the poo squelching between her toes, in her hands and everywhere her hands had been incuding her hair and mouth. After heaving slightly, I led her into her room by the elbow - not covered in poo! - to find her trail. Evidently she had needed to visit the bathroom and had ignored the call bell on her pillow (was still lying there), crawled down the bottom of the bed around the cot sides, past her commode and into her bathroom leaving a lovely trail the entire way. Yes I said a commode. The lid was up and everything 'just in case'. she had then walked around in the mess and left footprints of the stuff all over her room and all over the landing. she had been over to the lift and thank God hadn't managed to find the button or i dread to think were the trail coud have lead.... I took a big intake of breath and got to work tidying up and pulled the call bell for a bit of help as she was in a huge mess. The boss wandered in 'problem Debbie?' Errr, I looked around pointedly.... 'S**t'....(yes I did smirk) 'looks like you will be late for breakfast' and walked off. Took me hours to get it back to normal. She was a lovely lady, tiny and had a great sense of humour when lucid, saw her obit in the paper the other day.