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Which states hire new grads?


I know this has been asked several times before, but I haven't seen any recent ones so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Which states are hiring new grads? I have a BSN and I'm willing to move anywhere.

I live in Southern California currently and the job market here is tough.

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Many areas of New Mexico are hiring.

SummitRN, BSN, RN

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It isn't so much a state as what part of what states. I hear parts TX, NM, and ND are hiring.

I hear the worst for NGs are CA, CO, HI, as a whole plus the metro areas of East Coast.

northeastern PA (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre north to the NY border) hires new grads...Philly doesn't - not sure about Pittsburgh

marcos9999, MSN, RN

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Hospitals that are still hiring new grads are usually located in remote areas where no one wants to go to. When I decided to get out of CA I contacted these small rural hospitals in TX, NV, ND, SD and got an immediate response. I then decided to fine comb CA and found one hospital, perhaps in the most remote are in the state and got a job there. It's kind of though to live here away from home but way better then being unemployed and it's beautiful over here too. I am happy that I didn't have to move out of state which I think is harder to anyone. Good luck!

MO, Saint Louis, is pretty new grad friendly. It's still "tough" b/c it's a metropolitan area, but if you network and give yourself a few weeks, you'll likely find something. I graduated in April and I have two jobs already, one with the State and one at a major teaching hospital here.

My sights were set on No Cal, but same situation as you. Luckily, I'm halfway through my first year experience. It's rough though.


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Is all about who you know. I hear Lousiana hires new grad , Brooklyn also hires new grads but is all about who you know.

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North and South Dakota.

Go for the rural areas! There are places in Florida that still offer sign on bonuses! Some for new grads. All because the area needs competent nurses willing to stay in a rural area.


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I'm a new grad RN from PA and a lot of my friends who just graduated already have new grad RN jobs at hospitals in Pittsburgh and Philly. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia definitely hires new grads and some of the hospitals outside of Philly do too because that's where my friends are working. I'm living in Hawaii now and not having any luck finding a nursing job :(

I hear 'ya. CA as a whole stinks.

ND is definitely hiring. Too bad they have snow and freezing temperatures... a drastic change for a Californian.

Good luck in your job hunt!


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VA hiring. A friend works for a teaching hospital in Norfolk and said her floor hired up to 10 new nurses including new grads in the past few months.

many rural areas all over the country. look at places at least 2-3 hr from a city area. remember that housing is difficult to find in most of these places. it will be a culture shock to many from big cities and subruban areas. i speak from experience, lol

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

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Have you looked at the very rural parts of CA? Eureka? Rideout in Marysville? Those places tend to hire NG, might be better than leaving the state.

Most states hire nurses but if you would like an assured job you can try the rural areas.


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I live in Wichita Falls, TX. United Regional Healthcare urhcs.org just closed a position for nurse internships, but hires new grads - to my knowledge - every semester. The North Texas State Hospital (psych) hires new grads. https://jobshrportal.cpa.texas.gov/ENG/careerportal/default.cfm?szUniqueCareerPortalID=fbc767e0-795a-412f-8897-431b08f314e8

The hospitals in Electra and Henrietta also hire new grads, as does (occasionally) Kell West, which is also out here.

The winters can be miserable, and people here aren't used to snow - the summers are scorchers, and 3 months out of the year the water tastes like insecticide, there's no culture other than cowboy (but DFW is only two hours away)... other than that, it's a great place to live. The cost of living is reasonable, the schools are good.