Which pre-req textbooks do you recommend keeping??


Hi all! I am doing pre-reqs now and plan on keeping my A&P textbook but was wondering if there are others you kept or wish you kept? I am finishing Micro and Chem next week and I think I will sell those both back and would love some input.


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i kept A&P, diet and nutrition, micro, growth and development/life span (believe me when i tell you that you will see alllllllll that stuff again in nursing school) and ethics (which kinda helps when your instructor throws the critical thinking ethical dilemma question out)...


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I'm with allison2008. I tend to keep most if not all my textbooks, especially if they're my science/biology textbook. Most of my advance teachers like A&P always reccommend going back to the basic biology textbooks for brushing up.

I only kept my physiology, supplemental text for reference. I didn't keep anything else and haven't wished I did. I am trying to decide which texts to keep from first semester NS now. I can't decide if I should keep my fundamentals and health assessment book or not. I really like them both, but I could also really use the $$.

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Keep all textbooks related to any sciences and psychology. You will need them for reference at some point to help you with critical thinking in nursing classes.


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I say keep all of them. I just had to refer back to my fundamentals and pharmacology books for some med-surg homework questions.

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I keep all mine. I still refer back to textbooks that I used back in college in the late 80's early 90's!

Like CTStudent, I had to refer back for some homework.

I didn't keep anything from before NS started and there have been a couple of times I wished I had my Micro book( for Pharmacology). Our Foundations book covers all the A&P we need so I don't miss those books. Don't sell health assessment or any NS books, you will probably need them all the way through school and maybe after for awhile, and having cash now won't help you if you end up having to re-buy something you shouldn't have sold!;)


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I actually kept my Technical English book. It had all the new rules for resumes and cover letters and some terrific examples to follow. I know I'll be typing up many of those after graduation.


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I did not keep bio or micro or Anatomy or physiology- or the psychobabble human growth and development book -all of the information in the books you can find on the internet at anytime- get the money for the books----- I did though keep all of the power points of A& P and downloaded them to my Palm so I can pull them up and review the material whenever I want- but the books- to heavy- I sold them.

I will keep my nursing books though- I have quite a collection of them already.

But after I pass the NCLEX I will most likely sell the NCLEX review books and any old drug books-


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I have to refer to my developmental psych book frequently, and I've used my nutrition book here and there. I haven't opened any of my A&P books, or micro, or chem since starting NS. I would keep all your NS books though, and if you have the 5th edition APA guide, hang onto that too.


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I did not keep not even one prereqs books. So far, I am on my third semester of nursing school doing well without them. We were told, Anatomy & Physiology was a good book to keep, I have a smaller health anatomy with about 200 pages. I have not use it at all.

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