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  1. Crouton2004

    NICU info

    Jolie - Thanks so much for the quick reply. I kind of thought it was silly too and since I have been seriously considering a NP in Women's Health or Neonates I think I will stick with my gut. Now on to the more important question.....how can I chose? Where should I start looking for info, etc. I don't take OB till the spring.
  2. Crouton2004

    NICU info

    I am trying to figure out when this would be covered in school. Do you think it will be in Peds or in OB? The reason I am asking is I have to fill out my role transition paperwork by the end of September and I have no real idea of what I want to do. I am in an accelerated program and just finished what would traditionally be sophomore year. I originally came into school thinking I wanted L&D or Mother/Baby or NICU. After my first clinical rotation in Med Surg my instructor mentioned by going into L&D I would be limiting myself by only working with women. So I don't know if I should trust my gut - which I have had no exposure to - or try to get into something a little less focused. I am 33 and will be 34 by the time I graduate so I feel like I don't have a lot of time to explore. Thoughts??
  3. Crouton2004

    Do you have to take a CNA class in order to sit for the NCLEX-RN?

    I did not have to take a CNA course to get into Loyola and I will not have to take one to sit for the NCLEX-RN. I think you may have gotten some incorrect info.
  4. Crouton2004

    Audio Recorders for Lectures

    I just hook up this thing called "iTalk" to my iPod and it go. We are allowed to record lectures and encouraged to put our recorders up at a table near the professor while they are lecturing. It is the best thing, I don't have to worry about space and quality is great. I got it for $20 on Amazon.
  5. Crouton2004

    Info session left me feeling down

    Hiddencat- I think you didn't understand my post. I GOT IN!!! I am currently on my 4th week. This is a happy post :)
  6. Crouton2004

    Info session left me feeling down

    Just an update.... I was thinking about this post and thought it is funny that I am now sitting here starting week 4 at Loyola's ABSN program. Everything works out in the end. Woohoo!! Now if I can just keep my sanity over the next year
  7. Crouton2004

    Who pins you at your pinning ceremony?

    at our school my understanding is it will be whomever you feel has supported you most through your journey. Mine will be my hubby.
  8. Crouton2004

    Ack!! I start Nursing School one week from today!

    Britt - where wil you be starting? I am starting at Loyola in Chicago!!!
  9. I start school May 19th in an accelerated BSN program. I am excited, scared and nervous. But at the same time I can't wait!!!
  10. Crouton2004

    what are you doing to prepare for the start of school??

    Well I start May 19th so I have orientation this week. I am also trying to add some exercise in, get the "office"/guest bedroom in order so I have a nice relaxing place to study. I am going to be off for a week before school starts so I am going to try to stock the freezer with some meals and get a bunch of warm weather recipes together so I have "go to" dinners and plans for dinners.
  11. Crouton2004

    confused about Loyola.....

    Like the PP said it is an accelerated program for students who already have a bachelor's degree in another area. It is 12.5 months but is intense, 5 days a week 8am-5pm.
  12. Crouton2004

    ** Any Class of '09ers out there?? Post here!!!

    Name: Melissa School: Loyola University, Chicago Program: Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing What area of interest at this time: I am trying to remain open but I am leaning toward L&D or OR. Biggest fear: Failing! This is a huge sacrafice for me and my husband as I won't be working for 13 months. What you'd like us to know about you: This is my 2nd degree, in my previous life I was/am a CPA. I am married and have two adorable furbabies.
  13. I will be quitting to start my ABSN in May. We are strongly advised not to work and I can't imagine working and finding the time to study, etc. Student and private loans will be my friend....
  14. Crouton2004

    Number of uniforms to buy

    Thanks! Ours our white as well so I think I will probably by 2-3 depending on # of days we will have clinicals.
  15. Crouton2004

    Number of uniforms to buy

    Hello! I just got my acceptance letter and start in May! We have uniforms we need to buy from a specific site, but no mention was made of how many to purchase. I was thinking at least 2 pairs, but I would love some input. Our uniform is pants, top and clinical long coat.
  16. Loyola's ABSN program in Chicago