Where do Nurses go on the Internet?

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Hi! I have been searching the Internet to find the best sites for Nursing/Healthcare. I particularly want to know what sites Nurses go to most for industry information, to participate in a friendly online community and to FIND JOBS etc...

There are so many on the Internet and it is hard to find out which ones are actually used!

Thanks so much for your response!

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Here are a few I have visited and liked: www.medscape.com, www.springnet.com, www.nursezone.com, and of course allnurses.com. Not an all inclusive list but it may help begin your search. They have good nursing info and updates, CE availability and job information.

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Why do you need to look any further? You've already found the best nursing website - https://allnurses.com/


All kidding aside, if you visit https://allnurses.com/ you will see that the directory is broken up into categories to easily browse or you can do a keyword search also.

If you click on the Other Nursing Wesbsites category where there are currently 165 listing, you will be taken to: https://allnurses.com/Other_Nursing_Websites/

Where you can browse by country.

Hope this helps!


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It's how nurses surf the web!



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Our ICU docs have developed a GREAT site for nurses and families alike. It is www.Icu-usa.com

Check it out and pass it on.



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The Nursing Spectrum seems to have a lot of job information, but I also like this site.



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I would also like to mention another site: http://www.web-nurse.com



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I'd love to have your input on the nursing web site our adult BMT/SCT program has developed. The url is www2.mc.duke.edu/9200bmt/

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