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  1. Tiara

    It's Your Fault

    Why do nurses have to feel responsible for absolutely everything in the hospital? This is why they are leaving. If you don't have the staff or the administrative support to take care of patients appropriately and in a timely manner, then the consequences won't be pretty. What happened in your ICU is a perfect example of blame the nurses and scapegoating. I think I would have told Dr. A.Hole to take it to administration.
  2. Tiara

    "Eating Our Young" and Ethics

    "Eating the young" - or old for that matter is a phrase that should be abolished from nursing. It has been discussed many times on this BB that nursing functions like an oppressed society with all the dysfunction that entails. Nurses in hospitals have a lot of responsibility with little or no authority or autonomy. The buck stops with the floor nurse. She/he must protect his/her license at all times. She/he endures little respect, long hours, low salary, poor pension benefits, and unsafe conditions with poor staffing and often, ridiculous expectations from management. These conditions can breed anger, apathy and exhaustion. It also contributes to a pecking order. If nurses can rise above the opression, gain autonomy and respect, I believe "eating the young" would be eliminated.
  3. Tiara

    Anyone ever had a kidney stone?? Yowzer!

    Hey Hoolahan aka MargaretH! Sorry to hear about your stones! I don't know why, but my husband managed to have the attacks on holidays - so beware, you did it once! He has a long history of stones. He has some gravel now that's just sitting there but it's been a while since he's had a bad attack. Good to see your post and take care of yourself!
  4. Tiara


    rncountry: I will be looking for that issue of the New York Times, and I am looking forward to your article! Good for you!
  5. Tiara


    Good for you JT. I also e-mailed the author of that article. I'm sure a lot of my stuff ends up in the trash but every once in a while you write something that makes cerebral contact!! Yes!!!!!!!!
  6. Tiara

    refusing mandatory O.T.

    Glad you refused. We, as nurses, have to remember that we are not responsible for the staffing patterns in the hospitals. We are responsible for the care of the patients and our own licenses. How can you give good care and guard your license when you are consistently working tired? The hospitals want our loyalty to administration but if we are patient advocates then we are torn and our loyalty cannot be with both.
  7. Tiara


    jt: You should e-mail your response to NS letters to the editor and to the e-mail address of the author. It's getting a bit tedious to read all of these articles from people telling nurses what they should/shouldn't do. What do they think we've been doing? Nothing? If it hadn't been for all of our e-mails, letters, etc. the nursing shortage might still be on the back burner. duh.
  8. Tiara

    Like I really need feed-back on this. . . .

    RunningSoLate, I totally understand what you're saying and I agree. It's another control issue. This study is being done to the nurses not with the nurses input. Nurses have been complaining and suggesting for years and it has fallen on deaf ears. Now something must be done and the nurses are passive players with numbers on their backs. Frankly, I couldn't take it!
  9. Tiara


    Berry: It is an emotionally charged issue. When you are employed and working as a nurse, you are expected to give quality care and you are responsible for that care because you have a license. However, the care you give is contingent upon management decisions such as staffing, nurses working when they're too tired, unfamiliarity with their areas, etc. Once nurses fall into the trap of being totally responsible for the patients in the hospital, the administration takes a back seat and it becomes incumbent upon the nurses to break their backs for the patients on their own. When you are employed by a hospital, you do not have that much autonomy. If there is a lawsuit involving your care, it is your problem for the most part. The staffing issues that the Brockton nurses are fighting for could affect all of us. They need the support of all nurses.
  10. Tiara

    need help quick - long

    I agree you have to get the issues out in the open. Remember, nursing is usually crunched in the middle between an administration that can't or won't come up with the necessary staffing and the doctors who want everything done with unrealistic expectations. I have seen this where the doctors play ball with administration and the nurses are left in the middle. So, get the details! Good Luck!
  11. Tiara

    Nat'l Nurses Week(ness)

    Just saw the list at the ana site (www.ana.com) about nurses week and found it interesting that malaysia, Guam and Saudi Arabia had activities that far surpassed the ice cream socials and logo pens. Maybe they want to keep their nurses happy there since our recruiters are headed in their directions!
  12. That's a big reason that nurses have left the hospitals. It's not new either. The situation is just worse. If you have a license, you are responsible. If you plead negligence as a result of low staffing, then you will probably be questioned as to why you agreed to work like that. So the best idea is to refuse and document and if you can't refuse, document under protest.
  13. Tiara

    Help Cancer Research for free but easy

    I went to the site, but when I read the messageboards I found it seemed complicated. It sounded like they are doing some kind of work on the project. It's a very interesting concept and I hope people check it out.
  14. Tiara

    What age do you plan to retire?

    Unfortunately, when you think about becoming a nurse and helping people, you don't give a lot of thought to the physical side of things. There are nurses who manage to get by without knocking themselves out, but if you really want to do a good job and take responsibility, guaranteed you will be exhausted in today's hospital scenario. There are many, many nurses out on disability with back and neck and other injuries from the job. It is hard, physical work and the idea of holding someone's hand and helping is just part of the whole picture. I never worked with a nurse in the hospital who was over 60 (on the floors, that is); most retired by early 50's.
  15. Tiara

    Want Salary Comparisons?

    Interesting. For instance, I just found out that a Director of Nurses in my area can make up to $92,000. You just enter your zip code and area and click on the position and you'll get the info. www.nurseweek.com/salary
  16. Tiara

    Nurses prayer

    My thoughts and prayers are with your aunt and family. God Bless.