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  1. confused over titles !!

    Well Done Lorraine and keep up the good work.... I too believe that we are the "Gatekeepers" of the profession and my students know that they will not be passed if they are not 100% up to it !!! they get good teaching on the unit so they are expect...
  2. confused over titles !!

    Spellbound, sorry it's taken me so long to reply but my bloody putor has been ill !! Anyway, 1st level nurses here in UK are Registered Nurses, 2nd level Nurses were the Enrolled Nurses, I think the registration system here is much less complicated t...
  3. confused over titles !!

    Rie........ sorry it sounds like En's are none existant from my post, it should have read that we do not train nurses as EN's any longer... I know there are a few, EN's still kicking about, but where I work, (a huge teaching hospital) there is not on...
  4. Bizarre stories - Believe it or not?

    This was pretty creepy...... working on night duty on a busy medical ward, there was a young Doctor in a side room and in the next room to him was an old guy, 3am in the morning the young Doctors buzzer rang, when I went to see what he wanted he said...
  5. confused over titles !!

    Gee thanx Clarice ya so helpful
  6. confused over titles !!

    Hi Jenny, No we don't get the same journals here !!! has nursing 2000 got a site I could visit?? would like to read that article Thanx... Tina
  7. confused over titles !!

    P-rabbit........... LMFAO@U Totally agree with all you say..... still loling PRN
  8. confused over titles !!

    [LOL Lita, yes laugh out loud... This was my origional question !! about US titles, but then got into debate about UK titles , anyway RGN = Registered GENERAL Nurse... this course turned you into an all round every department Nurse, during training ...
  9. confused over titles !!

    Oh....... Peace is restored on my issue but.... LMFAO, susie I just ain't gettin into this one !!! OMG, what have ya started?? LOLOLOLOLOLOL, From the innocent query I asked, the answers are long and varied, as you can see but if i was you I'd clos...
  10. confused over titles !!

    WOW, Susie, tut tut, May I say it is not me that feels threatened at at all !! My so called "Sweeping comments" are gathered from actually working with newly qualified staff nurses, they were meant to point out the difference from when "my Generation...
  11. confused over titles !!

    Hey Pandora.. My feathers ain't ruffled LOL, Just tried to make the point that I'm a nurse plain and simple, a very good one at that even if I do say so myself !!! With smooth plumage all of the time so no need for appo's, Your comments are valu...
  12. We still have a few Enrolled nurses here in the UK, They trained for 2 years, but thier training is now obsolete, they were excellent bedside nurses, Most are given the opportunity to "convert" to RN, it would probably be near on impossible for them ...
  13. confused over titles !!

    ... or should I say RN (Adult) !!
  14. confused over titles !!

    Pandora, forgive me, but I qualified in 1981, OMG, LOL, I have gone from SRN to RGN and now RN, all from the one qualification I didn't mean to stir up this hive of Bee's! as I said I was confused by all the US titles but lookin at all the titles I...
  15. confused over titles !!

    Hi, Well you can do any of these courses in the UK, You can go directly into a degree course in Health studies - RGN BSC, or the diploma course - RGN Dip HE, we used to be able to do just a 3yr RGN course,then once you have gained the RGN course you ...