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  1. Veteran and Military Nurses

    I think he was there from 91-92ish? He worked at the hospital, he was sent to lackland b/c I think either the hosptal or base was closing? I got to spend some time at Spangdalem AB with the ANG-Germany is a very beautiful country! So, lucky you.........
  2. Veteran and Military Nurses

    My husband was stationed at Weisbaden before his assignment to Lackland-where we met. What a small world. :) Julie
  3. Veteran and Military Nurses

    I was a med tech in the USAF for 4 years at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland AFB, Tx for 4 years, then I did 3 years in the NC Air National Guard while I used my GI Bill to get my BSN. Now I work as a staff nurse and have no ties to the milita...
  4. Working while Pregnant??

    I have a 14 month old little boy. I worked until the day before I was induced b/c he was late. Everyone is different, I had no major problems-just the usual (Nausea the first trimester and tired the last). I work as a staff nurse on an inpatient onco...
  5. Pregnant and working as RN

    Haven't posted in a looong time! I worked up till the 41rst week (3 days a week of 12 hr shifts), then was induced. Still on maternity leave-staying very busy! Here is my pooper-stinker: http://www.growthspurts.com/view.asp?s=81197&mode=photo&...
  6. can everyone handle this?

    Well said Canadian RN, I couldn't agree any more or said it any better!
  7. I'm kind of ticked!

    I was not paid as an RN until I passed my exam and the paper's were in their hands-I thought this was the norm now?
  8. nursing uniforms

    I think the "cute" scrubs are Ok for peds and what not, but otherwise when I see regular floor nurses wearing them I am embarassed for them. I see it as unprofessional.
  9. Pregnant and working as RN

    TColleen, HI, I am also pregnant (18 weeks now) for the first time and working on a busy inpatient medical floor. I plan on working up until I go into labor. I have noticed that working 3-12hr shifts in a row is more tiring to me now, but manageable....
  10. What would you do???

    At my last job they gave me all my PTO's in a lump sum "bonus" check when I left.
  11. Tracking RN's...why not Docs too???

    We use this system at my hospital and I like it. If your doing your job as you should, you have nothing to worry about. It cut's down on the nurse being called into rooms for nurse aid type tasks and helps prioritize care. For example, I might be in ...
  12. What errors have you caught? (Docs, Pharmacy, etc.)

    Had a j-tube pt receiving large bolus feeds sheduled throughout the day and the doc couldn't figure out why the pt was having so much n/v. I just informed him that j-tubes aren't ment for bolus feeds, just slow continious. Hen then said well it is a ...
  13. "HRSA to Begin Accepting Nurse Education Loan Repayment Applications The Health Resources and Services Administration recently announced in the Federal Register that it will begin accepting applications for the Nursing Loan Education Loan Repayment ...
  14. UK Nurses please....

    Can you please tell the pregnancy category for Stergeon (sp?)-a motion sickness pill that is not sold in the US, so I am having trouble finding data on it. Thanks!
  15. Favorite nurse movie.

    Pearl Harbor The English Patient Love and War (The Ernest Hemmingway story) Not a nurse movie, but love it anyway: Terms of Endearment (part 1)