Where do you find pass rate for your college


i am trying to find the success rate of my colleges grads with passing the boards. anyone know where i can find this info? thanks in advance!


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Try looking on your program's website. My school's website has practically almost all the basic information that you need to know, and it's also in the brochure that they give us. You can also try by calling the school.


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thanks i looked on my colleges website but no luck. ill dig thru my handbook. do you have any idea where i might look on my colleges website? i know all sites are differant but genneral area? thanks again!


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State Board of Nursing Website should have those pass rates. You might have to spend a little time browsing through it, but they should be there.

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its easy...

ask whoever is in charge of your nursing program...

they know..



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its easy...

ask whoever is in charge of your nursing program...

they know..


Yes, they do know. But what they say to you may be different from the state board of nursing. Not that they TRY to deceive. My school will tell you "Usually 100%", which is true. Most of the sittings during the course of the year do show that school passing at the 100% rate. But the overall annualized average is in the mid-to-lower nineties for the past several years running.

What is the reason? Your guess is as good as mine. Point is, they will not necessary give you the whole picture.

I think I went to our state nursing board website & found it there - try that!

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