Where can I find Varicella vaccines?

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Hi Everyone,

I work at a school for autistic children that has several group homes. Once a month we have the PCP for these children come to perform their annual physicals. This month I have two patients that the physician has ordered annual flu vaccines for and a varicella vaccine, we do not have a private pharmacy.

My dilemma is finding a pharmacy that will fill these and either deliver them to the school or allow us to pick them up. I have found pharmacies that at least have the flu vaccine in stock that I can pick up, but with the varicella vaccine I have had no luck finding it anywhere and the Mass. DPH will not receive a shipment until January.

These students are autistic and it is very difficult to bring them out to a separate doctor's appointment just to receive a vaccine. Any ideas where I can find varicella vaccines?

Thank you!!

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Does the state board of health work there? Most vaccines can be found at our board of health dept.

I would check your local health department. Our local pharmacies have been out of stock of varicella (at least they were when I was looking to get it.) But the local health department had it.

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DPH will not receive a shipment until January.

I think the OP may have already checked with the department of public health. :)

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Thanks dudette, yes i did already check with the Massachusett Department of Public Health, they have none until January.

I think the OP may have already checked with the department of public health. :)

:smackingf duh. LOL. Sorry!

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What about any local clinics? I used to work in a clinic and we always had varicella on hand. Maybe they would let you purchase it from them. It is worth a try!!!

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Does the physician who is doing the physicals have an office? Most primary care doctor's offices carry the vaccine.

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When my mother needed the Shingles vaccine, she had to get a script from her PCP, order it from a retail pharmacy (I think it was Costco), then bring it to her PCP. I think the Wal*Mart pharmacy allows special orders with a valid prescription.

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Yes the doctor does have a place of practice in the city however the behaviors of these children puts them and public at risk for injury especially in a busy place. Thus I would like to avoid having to bring them out to receive a vaccine that we can admininster in the school once we can get a hold of them. That is a great idea about checking with larger retailers I'll do that on Monday. Thanks!

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Try moore medical - they can take the order from your school md to fill the order. here's a link:


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I think she meant that the ordering physician...if he has an office...that they might have the varicella vaccine on hand, @ HIS office, that he could supply. ---understanding that you aren't wanting to take them there. or, maybe I read that wrong. just an idea. ;->

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