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saltwaterstat has 20 years experience and specializes in pedies and er.

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  1. saltwaterstat

    usual retirement age

    wondering what the average retirement age is for nurses. At what age do the hospitals and offices stop looking at you and recruit the younger nurses. Also, what's out there afterwards, say if you don't want to retire and feel you have more in you....
  2. saltwaterstat

    LPN refresher

    Looking for an LPN refresher course in wilmington nc... SEAHEC & CFCC no longer offer. Checked w/ NCBON site....looks like south piedmont cc may have an online course but haven't heard back from either yet. any ideas out there?
  3. saltwaterstat

    Patients who "cheat" and drive home

    why not make it mandatory that they are discharged, via wheelchair to car. put this notice in the pre-op package. if this fails (once you get outside & then find "no driver"), have them sign an AMA. It should, at the least, reduce the # of times this happens.
  4. saltwaterstat

    Further my hands on skills (IVs, phlebotomy, ekg)

    wilmington here. same boat as you. skills labs?, really?..lol...j/k. I would LOVE to find a skills labs sort of thing here. I have been told repeatedly, we're still working out of the good ol' boys network tho, so local hospital is a loss. the best job of my life was in an ED...but we had paramedics & techs galore...(it was a teaching hospital)...so if there was a blood draw, or ekg, or ...to be done, they were right there. great for the patient tho! short of taking classes at the local cc....there's nothing out there.
  5. saltwaterstat

    I hate being a nurse

    what made you decide to choose nursing to begin with? I have viewed only a few of the messages here, so please excuse me if this has already been asked.... there are sooooo many avenues to choose from w/in nursing... , I'm speaking from experience here. for instance, I love older people, but I prefer NOT to do LTC, I love Pedies, I prefer acute/er settings.., thinking about going into legal nursing.... so, see? you are most probably in the best career field as far as a profession that has sooo many outbranching possibilities.
  6. saltwaterstat


    ouch ma'aam. too funny.
  7. saltwaterstat

    Does anyone elses brain hurt??

    I'd be scared of syracuse too. j/k ! from there.
  8. saltwaterstat

    Update...on Job search....am HIRED!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....and to be on the floor that you wanted!!!! YAYYY!!!
  9. saltwaterstat

    Help, do Urgent Care clinics hire student nurses?

    ok, call me crazy, but I think a LICENSE would help. something about legality....
  10. ummm, LOL..can I ask where the heck do you live? 3 possibilities/hospital openings... you have to think about which one you'd be happy w/ 8-12 hrs or more out of the day. I've got + 18 in pedies, so mother/baby sounds good. also a few in the ER, so that sounds good too. pysch, dunno. see what I mean?..YOU have to decide. goodluck!!!!
  11. saltwaterstat

    Scared of MD

    I agree w/ the other posters too. quite obviously this MD has doubts about herself, therefore taking anything out on staff that she could. "when you have to build your own ego....", yada yada yada.. she has also obviously had this same problem giving an order over the phone, maybe a few times..who knows. that's one of HER "jugulars". you have nothing to worry about. keep your confidence. make everything w/ her short, sweet, concise/factual. make yourself "indispensible", to all, but specially to her. don't be cocky, just be yourself. And..w/ each order..I too, would ask "do you want this stat"? what an a**. I once worked for an MD that others were afraid of, people were fired,..the whole nine yards. when I heard that she didn't want me as her nurse...it ****** me off and I made myself better. guess who's NM came to me just a couple of months later..telling me to "sit down, youre not going to believe this. guess who wants you as her primary nurse?" LOL.....I worked w/ her for 18 years until I moved out of state. hang in there, you're a great nurse!
  12. saltwaterstat

    How does the dog handle your 12 hour shifts?

    I understand what you mean about "the key thing...to a stranger" (even if bonded, its a hard thing for me too). what about one of those "dog doors"?, the kind that fit into the sliding door, if you have one. as for what someone said about not leaving them water...OMG! LEAVE WATER PLEASE!!! and the comment re if they have diarrhea, that they "crate" them and someone comes in mid-day, or mid something. !!!!! awww c'mon. I would think for most of the time, dogs aren't sick..if they are , then block off a section of house or garage (if its cool there), but confine them w/ possibility of diarrhea episodes??? I feel sick. off the soapbox now. I had an older dog that I put thru this. 12 hr shifts definitely can turn into 14. I put out the water, a few snacks...toys, papers on the linoleum floor. --and worried like crazy. this dog never used the papers...and she never did anything elsewhere. she waited, I came home in the very early am...and we would go for a walk, in the dark, she made it short and quick...ok, actually about 10-15 mins..but I call that short for a dog who's been in the house that long. we always went for a walk on the beach before my shift, and for longer on my days off. she was hmmm, about 11 yrs old at that time. (just for bladder info, lol). she's gone now ;- good luck, hope you make the right decision.
  13. currently going for my BSN (distance learning). not working but all this studying makes me miss clinical even more. re-doing my resume' and I'd like to concentrate on my weaker skills.--ie blood draws. we had techs everywhere when I worked in the ED, in Va., ....so we never got to do it. aside from going to local cc, does anyone have any info on certified classes in the area? ---there was one a couple of years ago up at the hampton inn (of all places) on market...it was a 1 or 2 nite class.., couldn't go. It's one of those skills that I'd love to have under my belt. thanx for any help. :dance:
  14. saltwaterstat

    Traveling instead of working. advice?

    GO! you already answered your own question! ;->
  15. saltwaterstat

    North Carolina Roll Call

    hey....I'm annie...and I've been on here for years.... I am an LPN...again, on that, for years, like 100 yrs. I live in wilmington, nc.,(was born n raised in syracuse ny, n loved it growin up, but geeeez, ya can only take so much snow n cold!!!!!!) moved here from pinehurst, yeah, I married a golfer....(cuz I actually lived in va beach and worked for sentara...GREAT COMPANY!!!!), then we had to compromise on getting both ocean and golf and ended up here in wilmington n I just lovvvvvvvvvve the beaches!!!!!!!!!! whew! ok... I have a zillion yrs pedies experience, 2 yrs of ER/urgentcare from norfolk va.:onbch: kinda coasted for a while, decided I really still like nursing....sooooooo...am presently doing the lpn to bsn thru ISU. reeeeeeeeeeeaallly reeeeaaalllyyyy sloooowwllyyyy. too slowly, in fact, behind, and I need to correct that. thanx for listening! oh...and I love kayaking!!! I live right by the ICWW.... if anyone needs to contact me...please send me a private message (PM) or contact me thru e-mail in my profile page
  16. saltwaterstat

    ISU & college network

    whyyyyyyyyyy? I think I need to call them TODAY.

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