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saltwaterstat has 20 years experience and specializes in pedies and er.

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here's my deal.... I worked for 18 years in pedies in Upstate NY....loved it, but got tired of the snow. Loved to Va Beach..........ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT THERE, but married a guy who didn't want big city traffic...he's in sales and lived in a beautiful golf community. Problem: golf vs. beach. We moved to Wilmington,NC (compromise on my part..I truly love VAB!)

So, I had gone from working to not working...10 years....DON'T EVER DO THIS! Now, I can't get a job. It's truly a good ol' boy system down here...plus now the EMR...which I know I could do in a NY minute...but, no one will hire me. I had excellent reviews/letter of recommendation in Pedies and from the ER in Va...

All I am asking for is a chance...if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone.....Please Please contact me thru allnurses.

I even looked at a 34,000 program for surgical tech today...I am 61. I would graduate at 63/4? Yes, there are financial aides out there....but there are also accredidation and lawsuits against this college(?). No, won't name it..I'm not that way.

Son is a US Sailor, deployed currently but stationed now at Oceana in VAB. I would definitely consider moving....esp given the crime going on right here. ;-(

So, if any of y'alll know of any LPN jobs (pedies, er, ortho, surgery, Dermatology!) ---not liking nursing homes, sorry).. in Wilm, NC., or VAB, please let me know more. Thanks..

really really need a job.


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