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The other day I was thinking (I know, I'm not susposed to do that outside of a clinical setting on my own), wondering when we became the personal property of the physician we worked for?

Note that for some, this certainly does not apply, but how many times have you heard of a NP being referred to as "Dr. Joe's Nurse Practitioner" or even worse... "Hello, I'm Dr. Joe's NP".

Even if our STATE doesn't consider us independent, I think we sure as heck can walk w/o a leash. Why on earth would ANY NP even consider introducing themself as a SOMEONE's NP? I can understand saying you work with someone, but to say that you are their NP?

Just doesn't make sense to me!

Maybe I'm ranting...

Anyone care to join in?

David Adams, ARNP



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I never really thought about it, but you're right.

I guess I have been guilty of identifying people like that. Force of habit.

After seeing it written and thinking about it, I will stop making comments like that.

live4today, RN

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I wouldn't have been offended by someone saying that I'm so and so's nurse if that were the truth.

Were you hired by Dr. so and so to work for him/her as a NP?

If so...then you are his/her NP.

It's just like someone saying "That's so and so's husband/wife"...

Or..."That's johnny's mom/dad"

Or..."That's our nurse manager's staff, etc."

Why were you offended........may I ask?


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I always try to say "I'm iliel. the assistant who works with dr so and so"

Or "I'm iliel, so and so's girlfriend."

I guess the way I look at it, I'm iliel first and what I do, whom I work for is second.

Like was stated above, I don;t belong to anyone.


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I always introduce myself by my name which is on my name badge and tell them that I am the hematology nurse practitioner.

It is interesting how so many patients never remember that I am the hem NP and keep calling/referring to me as the doctor or ask me when will I finish and become a doctor. I always gently correct them.

I sometimes wonder if it is because 'hematology nurse practitioner is such a mouthful that they tune out and/or they are so stressed that they can't focus on what I am saying when I meet them for the first time.


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I have not had that experience yet (stay tuned i'm joining the world of private practice) and i hope i won't b/c i am working and biling on my own so hopefully i'll contribute enough to stand on my own. However, I HATE when i finish examining someone and they ask me as i'm walking out the door to write in their chart "when is the doctor going to see me dear?".


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At that point East, see my signature:

"Do you want to speak to the doctor in charge? Or perhaps to the Nurse Practitioner who can actually explain to you whats going on?"

Kinda hold out your badge, nod your head and say "uh huh... I thought so"

Okay... So I've not had ANY coffee today, and I'm recovering from a virus. Its a bad day here in Oz.



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MD Terminator...

Just curious... how long have you been an NP?


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The practise I work for never refers to me as "their" NP, but as the NP - i.e., a member of a different species. For example, if they are walking by my rooms and a pt asks when s/he will be seen, the answer is "Oh, the nurse practitioner will see you." This is usually said in a tone of voice that implies, "And what are you doing in an ER anyway? You don't even qualify to see the MD." I'd hate to see what would happen if they failed to turn every conversation into a means of stroking their own egos. Of course, the pt feels that she's getting a shoddy deal, when in fact, she is often getting better care (I don't hate humanity for a start).:(


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I am employed by the hospital and make a point of letting people know that when they say , "Oh, your Dr.X's nurse". One of the docs I work with tries to introduce me as his NP and I have to 'gently' remind him I don't work for him and so don't have to take his BS. (lol) Actually I get more frustrated with comments like, "So, your a doctor in training aren't you?" than with comments about some MD's NP.


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It's a whole other thread when you get into the topic of MD in training.

I'm afraid I get a little to tart when people say that. I usually say "No... I've already completed my education." I then point them to the brochure on what an NP is.



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I'm a nurse practitioner working with a team of 5 doctors. I dont get offended when a patient refers to me as Dr so and so's nurse practitioner. I have heard patients refer to the doctors as being karen's doctor! works both ways. we are a team and try to work as one. mind you its really funny when the patients see the docs then see me to check that what they have been told is right!! :)

just a thought- do you get offended when a patient refers to you as their nurse practitioner??


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