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  1. Tim-GNP

    How many times can you take the nclex

    As many times as it takes to pass. I know one woman who has been taking them faithfully, twice a year since 1993.
  2. Greetings all! I am debating about taking the on-line Adult Critical Care Course through Indiana University School of Nursing. Has anyone heard of this course? Has anyone taken this course? Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  3. Tim-GNP

    Looking For Other Pa Nurses!!!!

    Actually... when I went to grad. school, GRE's were only a requirement for graduation. I took GRE's in the summer before I entered my 4th year of my grad program. It took me 20 minutes... I answered "C" to everything and my written paragraph was 'Run, run... see John run." I scored an 890. Incredible, isn't it? And... you're right... to date, I know of know study that ever demonstrated a correlation between GRE score and ability of a student to complete a master's degree program. Good luck in your CRNA program search. Cheers! Tim
  4. Tim-GNP

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    Patrick: In most major metropolitan areas where NP programs have sprouted up like weeds, yes... the market is saturating. I know in the area I am living in, two times per year, two colleges push out anywhere from 4 to 10 NP's each. The jobs that they are finding are not advanced practice jobs. I know one person who told me she was going to work in a doctors office as the NP. She was quite disappointed as her NP position is nothing more than the responsibilities of the typical office nurse... she's not even getting decent money to do it! If you are prepared to move to the rural areas and provide NP care to medically underserved populations... then you should not have much trouble finding a job. However, those areas tend to be medically underserved for a reason; either reimbursement levels are too low, or the place is just plain pathetic, in a Gilligans Island sort of way.
  5. Tim-GNP

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    I'm a male NP... however, I am the wrong one to ask about the NP route. The quick and the dead of it is this: The money is incommensurate with the job responsibilities, the market is being super saturated with NP's because there's a program on every corner... and many of the faculty who teach the NP programs IN ALL OF THE PROGRAMS I AM AWARE OF [as there are exceptions to every rule], either no longer practice, or practice on an extremely limited bases [as the demands of a full-time tenured position in a college or university prevents them from doing a large amount of direct practice]. One faculty member I know of at a very 'well respected' program got her start by being hired to help move boxes over a summer from one set of offices on campus to another! Talk about job qualifications! I did myself a favor... I left NP practice to return to bedside nursing full time and faculty part-time. If I could turn back the hands of time and stop myself from becoming an NP, I would. I hope this helps.
  6. Tim-GNP

    Any one from Wilkes-Barre area?

    I live in the Pocono's... less than a half hour from Wilkes Barre [alright, about 20 minutes, depending on how I drive]. Nice to meet everyone!
  7. Tim-GNP


    Greetings to other nurses of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I live in the Pocono Mountains of PA... work at a local hospital--- medical/surgical nursing, and teach nursing part time in a local university.
  8. Tim-GNP

    Co-workers think I'm crazy for doing this

    Deaconess is NLN accredited as well as Regionally accredited. Therefore, it doesn't matter if the nurses at your hospital 'like it' or not. The only program I found is the RN to BSN program, I am not sure which program you will be in. Check with your individual SBON to be sure that they will accept the program for initial licensure. Otherwise, you may have to take boards in the state in which Deaconess has SBON approval [Missouri, I think] and then apply in your state for licensure by endorsement. Good luck
  9. Tim-GNP

    LTC Rant - Call Freaking Report!

    I agree with TracyB--- I also see Brandys point. I guess working in both LTC and acute care, I have seen both sides. I have sent resident's to hospitals with fully intact skin and received them back with stage III pressure sores, and significant weight losses. I can also recall several times that I had called report to the receiving hospital and the ER nurse gave me the 'they're old... just let them die... why are you wasting my time?!!" attitude. I have also sent capable residents to hospitals who suffered an 'acute confusional episode' in the nursing home--- who, before they were confused would consistently refuse to allow nursing care, now that they are confused, they appear at the hospital looking all nice & neglected. I recall one resident who refused a shower for over 90 days. Nothing worked to get this lady into the shower. She was 100% capable, and perfectly with it. Try to force her and in the long term care facilities [due to our wonderful regulations], you are guilty of "Resident Abuse" or assault and battery. There are some nursing homes out there that are just pig styes. They shouldn't be allowed to take care of house plants, let alone human beings. I guess I have no good answer to this one, except, try to communicate. Remember, when you take report from a nursing home nurse, that they are not in the same mode of thought as you are... the focus of the nursing care provided in nursing homes is dramatically different from the hospital. I hope this helps, but something tells me it doesn't. Cheers!
  10. Tim-GNP

    Which Boards?

    Depends on your specialty... I took the American Nurses Credentialing Center [ANCC], because it was the only one available for Gerontological Nurse Practitioners. I believe that most other specialties have other choices. I thought that they were easy--- Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. Tim-GNP

    Any professional pointers???

    Something else you may want to consider----- preparing a teaching portfolio. Granted, at this point, your portfolio would not be very big, but it may very well impress the interview committee. You can find information on it here: http://www.arches.uga.edu/~major/portfolios.html It gives you a chance to organize your thoughts on education and teaching, it will help you to consider your future goals, etc. Also, I do concur with the others regarding an MSN. Here in PA, you either need it or need to actively be working on it to get approved by the State Board of Nursing as a faculty member. Good luck, and let us know what happens!!!
  12. Tim-GNP

    Education Interventions to Pass NCLEX

    I can't remember... I think it was in the most recent issue of Nursing Education-- there was a fairly well done study that discussed preparation for NCLEX. I can't remember the entire content of the article, but it was pretty good. If your school subscribes, check it out.
  13. Tim-GNP

    Nurse Educator Opinions

    I know it sounds like a dreadful analogy... but the more you think about it, the truer it sounds...
  14. Tim-GNP

    staff development certification

    Jean--- are you an NNSDO member? I was considering it.... but I am just not sure. I wonder if they are very 'acute care' only oriented, or if they balance between various staff development settings.
  15. Tim-GNP

    Nurse Educator Opinions

    First of all, not all students will become a nurse. It is not meant for everyone. I look at myself as having a duty to society. I am saying, by passing the students to the next level that they meet the objectives of the level. I will not let society down by passing someone who is not able to master the skills or objectives of the level. I also have the study groups, etc., etc., etc., if no one comes and they do poorly in the test, I have no sympathy. I do feel bad that they wasted their money, but nothing more. Maybe old age is making me hard... who knows. One of my patients told me this once years ago.... "you can't save ALL of the whales." Cheers!
  16. Tim-GNP

    would you still be a np if you had to do all over again???

    No... I would not. But unlike those who post in the general forum, I have done something about it.... moved myself to ultra part-time. I love being a Registered Nurse--- not an NP.