What's the nursing demand in Alaska?

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Well, I live in Chicago, and I currently doing my ADN-RN, I should be done in May hoping to get nclex over with by July. I was wondering what's the demand for the state of AK. I wanted to move there for awhile now for personal reasons. If anyone has any info, please let me know thanks.

i wanted to ask the same question.. not much i can search online.

There aren't really any numbers on the demand in Alaska (for nurses) but the median salary is reported at $82k (Bureau of Labor Statistics), so that probably says a lot about the demand. Plus, Alaska has a lot of rural, underserved populations.

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I lived in Alaska and worked in a doctors office as a receptionist. I am currently going to school for my RN and plan on moving back to Alaska. There is always job available when I look. Some of the bigger hospitals to look at are Providence, Alaska Regional, and the Native hospital. Also, I believe the Native hospital is part of a loan repayment program. But I have heard they are more likely to hire graduate nurses than other states.

I think the 82K is probably a bit high, but maybe that also factors in RN's with experience.

Remember also that the cost of living in AK is very high, especially once you get outside of Anchorage. To keep nurses in the more rural areas there has to be some pretty good compensation.

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There are nursing jobs in the interior of AK (Fairbanks).

the cost of living is similar to the east or west coasts.

The weather and dark winters are draw backs for many.

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