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ArvinC EMT has 6 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. Lewis University FNP program

    I dropped out of the program other things came up in life. But I don’t recommend the program. Find programs you can find actual reviews about.
  2. Lewis University FNP program

    I was full time in the program. I think it was one class every 8 weeks.
  3. Lewis University FNP program

    First of all I work full time, they said this program was for full timers. They require individual/team discussions/replies every week. You have three team projects and one big individual project. Readings and other assignments to do and have a profe...
  4. Lewis University FNP program

    I have dropped out of the program don’t go.
  5. Lewis University FNP program

  6. Lewis University FNP program

    I just got accepted for the Lewis University FNP program with classes starting in Spring 2020. Does anyone have thoughts and comments about the school? Google isn't really showing me anything. Thanks!
  7. WGU graduate FNP school

    I just got accepted to the FNP program here in Lewis University in Illinois.
  8. WGU graduate FNP school

    So it wasn't a major hurdle for WGU grads?
  9. WGU graduate FNP school

    Any more insights?
  10. WGU graduate FNP school

    So I just graduated at Western Governor's university with my BSN, as we all know the classes are pass/fail. I was wondering if anyone knows of a B&M school that accepts WGU graduates. If not I am currently looking at Chamberlain, but I am scared ...
  11. Stipends? Taxes? IRS?

    I am thinking about it, and have been researching I kind of understands at 80 percent best now. Do you think it is really worth it? Cause afcoridng to the IRS I have to make most of my money in my permanent home. For example 5 months travel 7 months ...
  12. Stipends? Taxes? IRS?

    Does anyone that does travel nursing knows how stipends? And how tax home works, and the IRS rule of not being able to stay in one city for a year?
  13. Nevada-Reno Nursing jobs

    What's the job forecast in Nevada-Reno? ED positions, wages, and demands?
  14. Nevada-Reno Nursing jobs

  15. Nevada-Reno Nursing jobs