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  1. RN moving to Mountain Home

    Fellow nurses, I am a nurse with three years of experience most recently in a level III NICU. I will be moving to Idaho and was wondering what the NICU's are like there. Is the drive to Boise or Meridian tolerable from the base in Mountain Home? I ha...
  2. Sept 1, 2014 start date for MSN Leadership and Management

    Please keep us updated on the program. I have too been thinking of starting my masters at WGU. I have heard very mixed reviews.
  3. University of Alaska Anchorage nursing program

    I applied to the nursing program, BSN, and it was a two year wait. Personally, I wasn't willing to wait around so I went to school outside of Alaska. I wonder now if the best route would have been to get my associates and then do a bridge program to ...
  4. Moving to Anchorage in 2 weeks, Need help with housing!!

    muircv, I know this post is a couple years old but I have a couple questions. I have applied for a couple internship positions (NICU being my first choice) and I was wondering how long it took for them to contact you after you applied. Also do you ha...
  5. What's the nursing demand in Alaska?

    I lived in Alaska and worked in a doctors office as a receptionist. I am currently going to school for my RN and plan on moving back to Alaska. There is always job available when I look. Some of the bigger hospitals to look at are Providence, Alaska ...
  6. NICU Intership Alaska

    Hello, I will be graduating from a BSN program in August. I am going to school in Indiana, but I am a resident of Alaska. I plan of moving back once I am done with school. I know I want to do something with children I am not sure if NICU is 100% of w...
  7. Online Nursing Schools

    I am able to apply to a University for the bachelor's science in nursing in february. But the wait time is at least two years and it doesn't even matter if your grades are good, just a set wait time. I am wondering if there are any good online school...
  8. RN, BSN/MN, or MSN

    If your long term goal is to be a nurse practitioner than I would get the masters right away because they are switching the program to a doctorate degree.